Get Glossy

If you haven’t heard about gloss colour, it’s time to get acquainted.

Gloss colour is the latest colour technology to hit the salon scene – a professional power product that benefits both the health and aesthetic appearance of your hair. The translucent product is applied in the salon like an all-over colour, but doesn’t deposit any colour into your hair. Instead, the gloss penetrates and seals the hair cuticle, conditioning each strand to leave the hair surface looking rich and shiny. This process has the added benefit of repairing damage – the product contains intense conditioning properties that treat, smooth and soften hair that looks dull or lifeless. The gloss also has a luminizing effect, adding multi-tonal dimension to enhance both natural and coloured hair.  Think glossy blonde tones with a healthy shimmer, and rich jewel shades for all types of brunettes.

Gloss and Tone

If you’re looking to maintain the tone of your hair between salon colour appointments and eliminate brassy tones, opt for a gloss-and-tone glaze. Like it’s translucent counterpart, this mildly pigmented gloss product works to condition, strengthen and revive lifeless hair with the added benefit of mildly toning coloured hair. The subtle tonal change is a simple, damage-free way to enhance your salon colour in-between appointments.

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