Babylights: the Key to Natural Colour

Our colourists have been going crazy for the next big trend in hair colour, adorably termed ‘babylights’. Think super fine, shimmering highlights scattered throughout the hair that mimic the natural sunkissed-tones your hair had as a child. The technique is a fresh alternative to ombre and balayage colour, and our clients are loving it.

Can I try it?  Honey Blonde

For blondes, the look is all about subtle, multi-dimensional tones that enhance your base colour. Delicate, multi-tonal highlights are scattered throughout the hair to create a baby-blonde effect. Although the technique was originally inspired by sun-kissed blonde strands, it’s versatile and can be used to create beautiful colour on anyone. The base colour should be kept close to your natural tone, with accent highlights added to enhance your natural colouring. Rose gold or
copper tones look incredible on redheads. For brunettes, try caramel or honey toned babylights that are several shades lighter than your natural hair colour. Keep the colour contrast minimal and effortless.

Application and technique

The application process is similar to regular all-over highlights and requires delicate precision and attention to detail from your colourist. The service is likely to take longer than your average colour appointment as the technique requires your colourist to work with smaller sections of hair at a time.

The technique used by your colourist will depend on your desired result. The look can be achieved through super-fine and strategically placed traditional foil highlights. Our Creative Colour Team also commonly work with with professional hand-painted colour techniques for extra-control when it comes to placement. This process can be used to create a well-blended, realistic andface-framing effect. Whatever technique is used, the final results are soft, pretty and incredibly flattering, adding depth and dimension to solid colour.

Complementing your colour

Consider whether your haircut will complement the babylights look. Our stylists recommend a fluid, natural haircut that looks more ‘lived in’ than structured. As baby lights have a radiant effect, it’s important to invest in a  good quality shine serum or oil to enhance the glossy, shimmering tones.