Keratin Smoothing Treatment Adelaide

Our Keratin treatment is a unique in-salon treatment which leaves once frizzy or curly hair, smooth, healthy, shiny and free of fly aways. Your hair will feel beautifully nourished and manageable!

Keratin is the main structural protein in our hair. When used as a treatment, Keratin is injected into porous areas of the hair follicle leaving your hair healthy and strong. Your hair will appear healthier, because it actually is.

When the appropriate home care routine is followed, results from the treatment can last for up to six months and can reduce the time it takes for your hair to dry and style by up to 50%.

Paired with the latest advances in hair science, our Keratin treatment is free from formaldehyde and other harmful toxins. Made using only the finest ingredients, our Keratin treatment is odour free and surpasses other older smoothing methods where chemicals and amino acid based products are used to break the disulfate bonds and actually damage the structure of the hair.

Instead of chemicals, our keratin treatment is infused with sericin, aloe vera, keratin and glycolic acid to restore bonds and strengthen hair. Sericin is a completely natural protein that is produced by silk worms. The sericin seals in moisture and helps to bond the proteins, which creates a smoother, straighter look. The ONLY hair keratin based product to use this protein.

Glycolic acid  is a well recognised anti-aging treatment. It is absorbed into the shaft of the hair and helps to add the manageability and strength that we’re all looking for. It also protects hair from heat.

The treatment is full of vitamins, including C, E, B3, B5, B6 and extracts of green tea, lemon, apple and sugar cane, all of which enrich your hair.

What can you expect during your Keratin treatment ?
The beauty of this treatment is there is no smoke, no vapours, masks or any form of ventilation. The process will take somewhere between 2 to 3 hours, you will immediately see and feel results!

No wait time to wash, workout or colour your hair post treatment. The new Keratin formula is easily maintainable. This treatment will provide you with manageable, smooth, wash and wear hair.