Get ready to take your colour to the next level. Olaplex, the Holy Grail of colouring, is available at Yots Hair Hyde Park, North Adelaide and at our Norwood Parade salon.

What is Olaplex?

Celebrity colourist Tracey Cunningham has called it the ‘product that could change everything’. Created by two of the world’s leadings PHD’s in Materials and Chemistry, Olaplex is an add on to your colour service that promises to eliminate breakage, strengthen your hair bonds and lessen the porosity of your hair to prevent colour fading. Plus, the products are free of silicones and oils.

How does it work?

The Olaplaex system is a three step in-salon service. First, the Bond Multiplier No. 1 is mixed with our professional colour product and applied to your hair as usual. The process of colouring and lightening necessarily involves the breaking of your hair bonds to lift and deposit colour. Olaplaex works to multiple and rebuild these bonds during your colour service, to strengthen and maintain the integrity of your hair during the process. The No 2. Bond Perfector is then applied to your hair at the basins before shampooing. This step works to further restore elasticity to your hair. Finally, we will send you home with the No 3. Take Home Hair Perfector. If used once a week, this amazing treatment makes a huge difference to the health of your hair post-colour and compliments the in-salon Olaplex service.

Click here for more details, or visit the Olaplex website. Our colourists are highly trained and experienced with Olaplex, and achieve consistently flawless results using the system.

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