Colour Correction

Yots Hair is well known for beautiful colour work, including colour correction. Our colourists have an eye for the perfect colour and a wealth of experience in colour selection and hair type. This expertise translates to correcting colour work that has taken a turn for the worse.

Whether you’re dealing with a box colour gone wrong, uneven highlights, or green hair after a dip in the pool, our colourists will work with you to formulate an individualised colour correction plan. Our expert colourists take a two-pronged approach to colour correction, aiming to achieve optimum colour results, without sacrificing hair health. Whilst it may take several appointments to perfect your colour, we pride ourselves on being able to nurse coloured hair back to health whilst avoiding further damage through excessive re-colouring.

All colour-correction appointments are preceded by a complementary colour consultation in the salon, during which our colourists will discuss the options available to you and walk you through the correction process. For more information, or estimated pricing, email us at