Winter Hair Care

The temperature is dropping as winter sets in, which means its time to adjust your hair care routine for the colder months. The transition between seasons can wreak havoc on your hair, causing dullness, dry ends, frizziness and breakage.

Treat Yourself!Eleven Australia Adelaide

Combat dry frizzy hair with products to nourish your hair. Cold and windy weather can strip the hair cuticle, leaving your hair dry and dull. Its important to switch up your products during the colder months to nourish your hair, restore moisture and reverse damage. To hydrate dry hair, we recommend Eleven Australia’s Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, an ultra-nourishing combo that replenishes moisture to dry hair. Follow with a pampering treatment, rich in antioxidants and essential oils for a nourishing boost. We love Kevin.Murphy Born.Again.Masque, an ultra rich treatment that blends pure botanicals and quality ingredients that penetrate the hair follicle to provide nutrition and fortifying molecules. The masque contains babasu oil, mango butter, vitamin E, jojoba esters, shea butter, desert lime and kakadu plum extracts. It’s paraben free, pH balanced and is the perfect product to build your hairs strength through winter.

Maintain it

Combating dryness and split ends requires diligent hair maintenance. During the winter months, aim to minimise exposure to heat styling whenever possible. Doing so gives your hair a chance to relax and regenerate. Similarly, don’t brush your hair when it is wet – this can strain and stretch dry hair, and exacerbate existing damage. Reduce the effects of the temperamental Adelaide weather with visits to your hairdresser. Regular trims will leave your hair looking shiny and healthy, by minimising split ends. Indulge your hair with an in-salon treatment to restore protein, balance and moisture to lacklustre hair.