What’s next for blonde colour?

Now, no doubt fuelled by the influx of dedicated hairdressing pages on Instagram, the hottest trend is soft, sun-kissed blonde balayage that flatters and frames the face. Our team has this technique down to a fine art, but remain aware of the fact that blonde colour is a constantly evolving medium.

Thankfully, the focus in the past few years has moved towards healthy hair – gone are the days of straw like blonde strands which are damaged from over-bleaching. Colour innovations like Olaplex are to thank for this, which allow colourists to take clients lighter more quickly and without compromising the integrity of the hair. Products like the Evo Fabuloso Blonde Colour Intensifying Conditioner and Kevin.Murphy Blonde.Angel treatment also help to minimise damage from bleaching. Regular use of these products has the added benefit of helping to maintain salon colour for longer, by banishing brassy tones.

The rise of hybrid blonde trend colours like blorange and bronde have also taken blondes to a new level, which packs an striking punch. The popularity of these trends are no doubt linked to the fact that they have made blonde colour accessible to a wider range of people. They act as a happy mid-point for clients with naturally dark hair or red undertones, who would have difficulty achieving a true white blonde.

Right now, blonde colour is moving towards a natural, seamless look, where it’s near impossible to distinguish where the client’s natural colour begins and ends – even where a client has darker roots. For hairdressers, this requires focus on technique and precision, and an understanding of colour selection and placement. A key part of the process is choosing tones which will flatter each individual client. After all, blonde colour is all about brightness, and leaving each client feeling like their best self. We’re crowning 2017 the ye