Uses for Dry Shampoo


Dry shampoo is currently having its well-deserved moment in the spotlight. Karl Lagerfeld credits the cult beauty product for keeping his hair totally white and clean, and our stylists love using it as a multipurpose styling product.

Our pick of dry shampoo is Kevin.Murphy Fresh.Hair. This paraben free dry cleaning spray is the easiest way to cheat your way to freshness. Use it to remove odour and excess oil from unwashed hair, and add back body, shine and texture. Grapefruit extract treats oily locks, with lemon balm oil working to clarify, refresh and detoxify lifeless hair. 

Our favourite uses for dry shampoo: 

  • Dry shampoo is best known for providing a quick and practical way to extend the time between washing your hair. To use it, shake the bottle well, and spray the product lightly and evenly onto dry hair. Pat the product in with your fingertips, or lightly brush it through your hair, and leave for 1-2 minutes before styling.
  • As well as extending your salon blow-dry, dry shampoo can also prevent straightened hair from becoming frizzy in humid weather. Just apply it from root to tip and brush through before stepping outside.
  • We often recommend dry shampoo to clients who are trying to break the cycle of washing their hair every day. Shampooing every day is a catch 22 – frequent washing encourages your scalp to produce more oil, making daily washes a necessity to keep your hair from looking stringy and greasy. To break the cycle, use dry shampoo several times a week, in between washes. Applying a dry cleaner before your hair starts to look oily will pre-empt the problem.
  • If your hair is fine and prone to limpness, dry shampoo is your secret weapon. Spray a light amount from your roots to ends before heat styling to amp up your hair’s volume.
  • If you find that your freshly washed and dried hair is too soft to work with, spritz dry shampoo from the lengths of your hair to the tips and brush it through before styling. The product will add the extra ‘grip’ necessary to perfect an undone up style or textured ponytail.
  • Dry shampoo can also be used to perfect the textured matte waves gracing the runways. After curling your hair, spray the product through the lengths of your hair to the tips, before running your fingers through.
  • Men, listen up. Dry cleaning products are not just for women – we often recommend products like Fresh.Hair to our male clients to texturise limp or thinning hair. Perfect for low-maintenance guys who favour a matte textured look, use it to pump up your hair without picking up a blow drier.