Tips for Growing Hair

London Model Management Adelaide HairWithout forking out for a full head of hair extensions, there is no magic trick or instant fix for hair growth. Growing out your locks naturally requires you to look after the hair you already have, and take care of yourself properly to aid further growth. Here are our stylists’ top tips for getting through the growing period:

  • Keep the overall condition of your hair as healthy as possible. Visit the salon for regular trims to eliminate split ends, asking your stylist to sacrifice as little length as possible. Regular salon appointments will also keep your hair looking neat and tidy, and give you an opportunity to talk hair health with your stylist.
  • To maintain healthy hair in between cuts, indulge your hair in salon treatments. These will add protein and moisture back to your hair to repair and prevent future damage, and are complimented by a scalp stimulating head massage. As an added bonus, treatments are a great way to factor relaxation time into your schedule and combat stress.
  • Encourage your hair to grow with stimulating head massages. Take a minute or so before you shower to gently massage your scalp in circular motions with your fingertips. The idea is to stimulate your scalp, which in turn encourages healthy hair. Complement your scalp treatment with a shampoo that actively promotes scalp health. We love Kevin.Murphy’s Maxi.Wash, a detox shampoo containing fruit acids to clean and clear your scalp.
  • When growing your hair, it’s always a good idea to review your diet and exercise regime, as your overall health plays a huge part in hair growth. Nutritional deficiencies can impede hair growth and result in weakened hair structure. Regular exercise stimulates blood circulation, which in turn can promote hair growth. Exercise is also a great way to deal with stress, which can hinder hair growth and result in hair loss. Yoga is a great way to banish tension and promote healthy circulation.
  • Talk to your doctor about incorporating supplements into your diet. Biotin and Vitamins B, C and D have been said to encourage hair growth and healthy, strong hair.
  • Be patient. By keeping your hair in good condition and fostering optimum conditions for hair growth, you can speed up the growth process – but you’re not going to gain inches overnight. Hair growth is a natural process of the body, so keep realistic and put in the work if you want to see results.