The Blonde Bible

Whether you are a newbie blonde, a seasoned colour aficionado or blessed with naturally light hair, chances are your locks will require extra TLC. Naturally blonde hair is often finer and more fragile than other hair types and vulnerable to damage and dryness. Without appropriate maintenance, women who colour their hair blonde may encounter similar problems.

Going blonde

Without proper upkeep, coloured hair can become brittle, dry and porous, prone to breakage and density issues. Think of your new colour as an investment. By indulging your hair appropriately, using professional products and adhering to proper haircare methods, your blonde colour will look amazing between visits to the salon. Your life as a gorgeous blonde begins now…

Chapter 1. Find a Hairdresser

Ensure that your colourist is experienced with blonde colour and uses quality products. At Yots, each of our colourists have undergone extensive colour training, with a specific focus on blonde colour and maintenance. Additionally, we have researched and sourced colour products of the highest quality, enabling us to produce consistently brilliant results. Inferior colour technique and products (particularly chemist bought dyes) can cause serious damage to hair, often taking over 14 months to repair.

Chapter 2. Stay Realistic

Achieving your ideal blonde shade can take several appointments. Our colourists work closely with clients and often find it necessary to make colour changes gradually. This process minimizes damage and allows our team to achieve the best results possible.

Chapter 3. TLC

Our team will gladly prep new blondes on how to maintain and care for their colour. Using good quality products to supplement your haircare regime is crucial. Whilst products are essential, don’t overuse them. Doing so can weigh down your hair, making it look lifeless and dull.

Chapter 4. Purple Shampoo

Forgive us for being over-dramatic, but word on the street is that Kevin.Murphy’s Blonde.Angel Wash has changed client’s lives. This cult favourite works as a blonde toner, eliminating brassy and yellow tones to leave hair looking cool, clean and fresh. The intense purple formula is paraben and sulphate free, and infused with lavender to gently cleanse hair and restore shine.

Chapter 5. Treat It

Find a deep conditioning treatment and commit to using it weekly. Ask your colourist which treatment will best suit your hair type. As Adelaide stockists (and dedicated advocates) of Kevin.Murphy products, we recommend the new Kevin.Murphy Blonde.Angel Treatment. This conditioning treatment moisturises and softens highlighted, bleached and grey hair, refreshing and repairing brassy tones. Plus, it’s paraben free and enriched with natural extracts to nourish your hair, including brazil nut, sunflower seed, olive oil, lavender flower and jojoba seed.

Chapter 6. Beware Heat

If you are addicted to your ghd or curling iron, prep your hair before heat styling with a thermal heat protectant, to minimize damage to the hair cuticle. Kevin.Murphy’s Damage.Manager is a weightless spray that protects hair from heat at temperatures up to 220ºC. This paraben free styling product also contains contains Allantoin to stimulate hair growth and Arnica root extract, which naturally prevents inflammation and promotes healing. For extra defense, try not to brush your hair while it is wet. This can stretch the hair cuticle and damage your hair.

Chapter 7: Cover Up

As lighter shades of hair contain less melanin than darker colours, blonde hair is more succeptible to sun damage. To protect against UV rays and sun related damage, it is beneficial to cover your hair with a hat or headscarf in extreme heat. Bright sun can also cause blonde colours to fade quickly.

Be careful when swimming in chlorinated water as your hair will absorb chlorine. Chlorine damage will cause condition of your hair to deteriorate and turn blonde tones green. Stick to salt water pools where possible and rinse your hair in the shower before entering the water to minimize absorption of pool water. Once a week use an exfoliating detox shampoo, such as Kevin.Murphy Maxi.Wash, to remove any chlorine particles. However to maintain a great colour, keep blonde coloured hair out of the water where possible or protected under a swimming cap.

Chapter 8: Love your Hairdresser

Visit your hairdresser regularly to trim split ends, maintain your colour and discuss any potential or developing damage. Keeping the lines of communication open allows your hair to look consistently neat and healthy.

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