Should I get a pixie cut?

If you’re a long haired lady who has been thinking about cutting your hair much, much shorter, you’ll know that the thought process behind a pixie cut can be daunting. After all, there’s nowhere to hide with a pixie cut. There’s no quick growing out period, no option of putting your hair in a ponytail to hide the cut; to be frank, there’s nowhere to hide at all! Opting for a short cut requires both confidence and commitment. If you’re still thinking about going ahead, here are some things to consider:

Do you trust your stylist? There’s nowhere to hide with this look, so it’s important that the haircut is done well and with proper technique. Have a chat with your stylist about the look you’re going for, different styling options, and what will best suit your face.
Your styling options become streamlined. A pixie cut means no more equivocating about whether you should opt for curls or a smooth blowdry for a night out. You’ll no longer have to decide between ponytails, or braids, or upstyles. If you’re low maintenance or indecisive, the lack of options will be seen as a blessing. With the right styling product and technique, you’ll be out the door faster.
Will the cut fit with your overall look? Everyone can pull off short hair and a pixie cut works with a multitude of looks. However, it’s important to think about how a statement haircut will work with your overall aesthetic and whether you’ll want to tone your look down, or up, after the cut. Do you usually opt for bold, statement making outfits? Are you dedicated to neutrals? Will you need to change up your hair colour also? Considering these things will help you during your initial consultation with your hairdresser, to ensure that you end up with a look that suits you.
You’ll have to give it time. It’s completely normal to freak out after making a huge change to your hair – you’re only human! It’s no secret that humans sometimes have trouble dealing with change, and it’s important to keep this in mind before and after the cut. Give yourself a few days to get used to your new short hair, muster your confidence and give different styling options a try. Once you’re no longer hiding behind your hair, you’ll probably realise how much you love your face.