Salon Treatments: The Lowdown

want to restore Shine, gloss and lustre?

Hair that has become dry, brittle or unmanageable points towards the beginnings of a bigger problem. Damaged hair can be the result of a number of external stressors, that strip the hair of moisture and natural oils – UV rays, air pollution, chlorine and product build up are examples of factors that can leave your hair looking and feeling under nourished. Your hair is often exposed to numerous external stressors on a daily basis and will eventually need some TLC to get it back to optimum health.

We often advise clients to combat lacklustre, brittle and damaged hair with high quality at-home professional treatments. However if enough damage is done, an at-home conditioning regimen will become futile. If you’ve tried a number of products and treatments to no avail, it’s time to seek specialised help from your stylist, and invest in an in-salon treatment.

Dealing with serious damage

Many at-home treatments work to restore moisture to your hair and prevent split-ends. However strands of hair are primarily comprised of keratin protein filaments, which bind to the hair cuticle and reinforce the hair shaft to prevent damage and breakage. Seriously damaged or stressed hair may be stripped of its essential proteins, and require a treatment to rebuild it from the inside out and remedy protein deficiencies.

A professional in-salon protein treatment works to heal the hair follicle and harden its cuticle, repairing brittle hair by penetrating the hair shaft and restructuring hair from the inside. At Yots Hair, we offer two professional treatments to combat different levels of damage.

  • If your hair is beginning to show the first signs of damage, our Quick.Treat treatment should be your first choice. It boasts a nutrient rich formula, capable of taming unruly hair and banishing fly-aways. Quick-Treat provides a blend of protein and moisture that strengthens and nourishes dry, damaged hair. Within minutes of application, softness and shine are restored and undernourished hair is repaired. It’s an uncomplicated and effective protein treatment that will leave your hair feeling years younger.
  • If your hair is in need of a serious SOS, we recommend our Luxury Regenerative Treat treatment. We use a deep conditioning, restorative masque formulae by Kevin.Murphy that contains a complex of 20 Amino Acids, fruit extracts and essential oils. The formula contains proteins from rice and quinoa to regenerate brittle, dry and damaged hair. The quinoa proteins bind to the hair shaft to work on the cortex, adding back moisture and shine. The rice proteins are readily absorbed by damaged hair, to condition and strengthen damaged strands. Immortelle extracts provide an antioxidant boost, baobab seed oil adds back elasticity and moisture from vitamins A, D and E, whilst lotus flower extract soothes damaged hair, stimulating enzyme activity for a protein hit to rebuild and repair the hair’s surface. The masque also contains naturally occurring fatty acids, goji berry extract and organic coconut oil for a deep conditioning treatment like no other.

Each of our treatments are applied with a soothing extended-head massage, for an indulgent in-salon experience like no other. It’s the ultimate way to relax and unwind, and leave your hair looking like new. Visit our pricing page for our full service menu, or email for more information.