Norwood Team





Our Norwood manager Isabella is a master colourist who specialises in balayage and blonde colour. Isabella started with Yots Hair as an apprentice and has established herself as an authority on all things colour. Her specialities are perfectly blended balayage colours, shimmer-lights, clean blondes, face frames and transformative colour corrections. Her beautiful colours are complimented by flawless haircuts and styling – beach waves are her favourite look.




Beth is a confident and talented stylist, with an upbeat and positive attitude and amazing client service skills. She specialises in colour work and styling – blonde tones, soft baby-lights, natural balayage, perfect waves and bouncy blowdries are just some of her specialities. Beth’s passion for the hairdressing industry, appetite for learning and love for her clients all shine through in her meticulous work.




Rachel is a talented young stylist, with a strong eye for trends and attention to detail. She specialises in flawless colour work, including natural highlights and baby-light balayage which frames and softens the face. She is also a skilled formal and bridal stylist, nailing dreamy up-styles and complicated braids.



NORWOOD Style Director

Danielle is renown for her contagious personality and always having a smile on her face. Danielle started her career at Yots Hair as an apprentice and is adept in all facets of cutting, colouring and styling. She is a master colourist, who loves blonde colour work, lived in colour and free-hand balayage techniques. Her strong styling skills allow her to compliment her colour work with the perfect finish, whether it be an unstructured up-do, a straight or curly blow-dry, or our Yots signature waves.




Grace started at Yots Hair as a salon assistant and decided to pursue hairdressing as a career after being inspired by the creativity and diversity of the industry. A natural born hairdresser, Grace’s bright personality and warm nature instantly puts clients at ease. Her specialities include natural highlights, soft face-framing balayage colour and all aspects of formal and bridal styling. She has also styled hair for the runway as part of the Adelaide Fashion Festival.




Annie has a strong sense of style and a meticulous eye for detail, which translates to her incredible free-hand hair painting and styling skills. Her favourite look is a flawless freehand balayage topped off with bouncy beach waves. Annie thrives off interacting and building relationships with her clients and loves the creativity and inspiration involved in creating new looks.



NORWOOD Style Director

Alana is an all-rounder who is adept in all facets of cutting, colouring and styling. Her quirky personality and fearless attitude are complimented by her endeavours to ensure that all clients leave the salon looking and feeling amazing.



NORWOOD junior stylist

Lucy has flair for fashion and a love for the hairdressing industry, she makes all clients feel comfortable in her chair. Lucy will complete your look with her talent for bouncy blowdries and perfect waves, as well as her knack for beachy styles



NORWOOD junior stylist

Mim is an integral part our Norwood Parade team, with a positive attitude and great sense of humour. She was attracted to the creative aspect of hairdressing and sees it as an art, to be able to play around with hair and make client’s feel wonderful about themselves. She particularly loves textured curls and up-styles.




Bella is a client favourite at our Norwood address and works to keep things running like clockwork. She has a calm and serene manner and a textbook knowledge of the services, products and treatments offered in salon to assist clients with queries.


Dimitrios and Rebecca

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HYDE PARK | NORTH ADELAIDE | NORWOOD           Salon Directors

Dimitrios and Rebecca established Yots Hair in Adelaide over 30 years ago. Today, Yots Hair is renowned for being Adelaide’s top boutique salon, reflecting the pair’s dedication to providing a high-quality, client-focused hairdressing experience.