Kevin Murphy TREAT.ME

Kevin Murphy Treat me

Kevin Murphy has always been a game changer in the haircare industry – his range of botanical inspired washes, rinses, styling products and treatments are loved by hairdressers and clients worldwide. So when we were invited to attend the launch of the new Kevin.Murphy TREAT.ME line, we jumped at the chance to preview the latest from the haircare guru.

TREAT.ME is a range of exclusively in-salon treatments that can be customised on the spot by your stylist to meet the needs of your hair. As Kevin Murphy himself explains:

“I saw that women’s hair was not responding to a generic ‘one size fits all’ approach to treatments and masques. The idea of a basic masque is very nonspecific, nor does it target any hair issues in particular”

The full strength treatments combine the best of nature and skincare technology and make use of skincare ingredients like Moringa Oil and Gardenia Extracts. The highly concentrated active ingredients of each treatment come in separate bottles and are mixed together by your stylist right before they are applied to your hair. Keeping the ingredients separate negates the need to include chemical stabilisers in the products which can diminish the their benefits. The serum structure of the treatments allow the ingredients to absorb more readily into the hair cortex, giving long-lasting results that are instantly noticeable.

The collection is designed to suit all hair needs – choose from REPAIR, NOURISHMENT, COLOUR PROTECTION, ANTI-AGEING, VOLUME or DENSITY. Your stylist is then able to further tailor your selected treatment to suit your hair type and condition. The treatment application is delivered alongside a full service wash and rinse using targeted Kevin.Murphy products, and an indulgent head massage to maximise the benefits of the system. Dubbed a ‘facial for your hair’ by Kevin Murphy, the results speak for themselves.

Available at Yots Hair in March 2015