Want Thicker and Fuller Hair?

BodyMass_photoThe release of Kevin.Murphy’s new Plumping.Line created a serious buzz in the salon this month, with the products flying off the shelves within hours of arriving. The line consists of three products – Plumping.Wash, Plumping.Rinse and Body.Mass – which promise to leave your hair looking and feeling thicker. Plumping.Wash acts as a densifying shampoo and exfoliator for  thinning hair. The sulphate and paraben free formula contains nettle extract to increase microcirculation to the scalp and encourage hair growth, ginger root extract to reduce hair loss, and rice protein and amino acids for a strengthening nutrient boost. Follow up with Plumping.Rinse, which is rich in shea butter to moisturise dry or damaged hair, biotin for cellular growth and protection, and parsley extract, which promotes healthy strong hair by increasing blood flow and circulation to the scalp. Body.Mass can be used in conjunction with the Plumping.Line, or as an addition to any Kevin.Murphy wash and rinse routine. This leave-in treatment contains eyelash thickening and lengthening technology, which leaves your hair looking instantly thicker and fuller, while improving its quality over time. It also contains oleanolic acid from lovely hemsleya root – an active ingredient with antioxidant properties to prevent the thinning and loss of hair. Just spray it through damp, or towel-dried hair after washing. Our clients and team are loving Plumping.Line so far – we’re predicting the line will be a best seller!