Hair Secrets

Hair Secrets.

Want to up-your hair game, but feel like you’ve tried every trick in the book? No problem! Our stylists have shared some of their more unusual tips for beautiful, strong and healthy hair.
Antioxidants aren’t just for your face. Refresher: antioxidants are molecules which are linked to minimising the signs of ageing. Antioxidants like selenium, Vitamin C and Vitamin E (to name a few) work to protect the skin against sun damage and increase its repair time. Antioxidants work in the same way for your hair, promoting its health and shine. Kevin.Murphy products have been billed ‘skincare for your hair’ for this very reason. They utilise antioxidants from kakadu plum, orchid, lotus flower and desert lime to reduce breakage and repair chemically damaged strands naturally. Time to incorporate some antioxidant action into your routine and reap the benefits.
Try the ponytail facelift. This tip may sound silly, but hear us out – it totally works! When your hair is pulled high and tight enough away from your face, it provides a small but noticeable lift to your skin. Plus, it’s no secret that most people equate ponytails with their childhood and teenage years. In combination, these factors give the humble ponytail a youth-enhancing effect. Just remember to keep the ponytail high on the head and super-tight. A good hair brush and quality smoothing serum are essential to elevate this look to its full potential.
Collagen supplements. Collagen makes up a large part of our hair – it’s what gives it strength and elasticity, and helps with its growth and regeneration. The body’s natural collagen production starts to decrease with age, which causes a decline of collagen levels in the body. It may be worth considering supplementing your diet with collagen capsules to boost the health of your hair shaft and follicles. Added benefits include a boost to digestive health (which is linked to healthy hair) and the appearance of your skin and nails.
Go loco for coconut oil. Ok, this one isn’t really a secret. Everyone and their mother (and father, sister, brother and grandma) knows that coconut oil is an incredible deep conditioner. This is because, when applied directly to the hair, the oil penetrates the shaft to moisturise, repair and protect hair. Remember that it’s difficult to remove coconut oil from your hair using only water; use your shampoo of choice to remove any oily residue before you hop out of the shower.