Colour trend alert – Pearlescent colour

It’s safe to say that beauty has gone straight up mythical. The latest hair trend is no different, inspired by mermaids, unicorns and holograms. Say hello to straight up dreamy pearlescent colour.

The ultimate incarnation of this look is muted multi-toned pastel tones (think pearly, soft blues and pinks), seamlessly blended together and finished with a shell-inspired mother-of-pearl sheen. First, the hair is lightened to a pearl tone; this can be the hardest step to achieve. Layers of iridescent colour are then painted on to the hair, before being toned. The final result is subtle and muted, but equally mesmerising.

For clients who can’t get away with rocking rainbow hair on the daily, an opalescent milky toner will achieve a similar effect when paired with platinum blonde hair. Opt for a shimmering rose gold toner if you’re looking for a different take on the look.

If you’re thinking about going all the way with this trend, keep in mind that the look is difficult to achieve and requires a lot of post salon maintenance. You’ll need to spend hours at the salon to perfect your base colour (a white blonde base is essential, so multiple preparatory visits may be required), fastidious upkeep afterwards to keep the mixture of tones looking fresh, and a whole lot of deep conditioning. If you’re still keen, make sure to show your stylist photos of the exact look that you want to achieve as there are lots of different takes on this trend.