New Hair Care Favourites

Our favourite Australian haircare brand, Kevin.Murphy, consistently puts out incredible, game-changing products. These new additions to the range are no exception, showcasing the brand’s signature active botanical ingredients and nourishing formulas. These are sure to become cult favourites in your hair care regimen.

Doo.Over Finishing Spray
This new dry powder hairspray is an absolute winner. Tapioca starch gives the hair a soft velvety feel, adds lasting volume and removes excess oil from the scalp. Silica gives body and sheen. Patchouli oil stimulates cellular renewal and alleviates signs of dandruff. Paraben and cruelty free. Just spray evenly onto dry hair and brush through.

This one’s for all you curly haired ladies. With six Australian fruit extracts to nourish and rejuvenate the hair and scalp, Killer.Curls is an anti-frizz curl deft ing creme for medium to coarse, curly or wavy hair. Paraben and cruelty free. Apply to damp or towel dried hair and scrunch with your fingertips.

The newest addition to the Kevin.Murphy range is Re.Store, a repairing cleansing treatment with superfood proteins to reconstruct damaged hair. Papaya enzymes works to bind moisture and improve the elasticity of your hair, pineapple fruit extract provides weightless nutrition and green pea protein intensely nourishes and replenishes hair. Plus, it’s sulphate, paraben and cruelty free. Apply to your wet hair and scalp, leave for 2-3 minutes and rinse.


This one’s for shorter hairstyles – Free.Hold is a flexible, medium hold styling creme with a natural shine, containing essences of bergamot and vanilla. It’s paraben and cruelty free, with a thickening effect and a glossy finish. Apply to damp or dry hair and work through.

Easy Tousled Waves At Home

Effortless tousled waves are an essential warmer weather look and deceptively simple to re-create at home.

Step One: Wash and towel dry your hair,  before prepping it with a volume boosting product like Kevin Murphy Anti.Gravity.Spray.

Step Two: Roughly blast your hair with a hair-dryer to remove the moisture, combing out any knots with your fingertips.

Step Three: When curling your hair, it’s best to work with small sections at a time. Work on one quadrant of your head at a time and clip the rest of your hair up and out of the way.

Step Four: For a natural looking curl, use a conical wand with a 12 cm base. Our stylists love the Cloud Nine wand with one-touch temperature control and a ceramic coated barrel to leave hair soft and shiny after styling. Work in small sections, wrapping sections of your hair around the curling wand away from your face. When removing the wand, move it upwards and let the curls fall. Don’t curl right to the root – starting just above your ears will leave you with a softer wave.

Step Five: When your curls are finished, run your fingers through your hair to break them up. Work an anti-frizz product like Kevin.Murphy Smooth.Again or Young.Again through the ends for definition, and spritz with a weightless hairspray like Eleven Australia’s Give Me Hold to finish the look.

Haircare Ingredients we Love

Baobab Seed Oil

African baobab seed oil is derived from the seeds of the Baobab tree – a tree with a lifespan of up to 6,000 years that is native to Eastern and Southern Africa. Rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, and omega fatty acids, the oil works as a nourishing heat protectant, reduces frizz and repairs damage.

Try: Kevin Murphy Young.Again.Wash and Masque


This colour game-changer is a single active ingredient, developed by Dr Eric Pressly (PHD in materials ) and Dr Craig Hawker (PHD in Chemistry). Olaplex reconnects broken bonds in the hair during and after your colour service, strengthening chemically treated hair and repairing damage caused by lightening processes.

Try: Olaplex Bond Perfector No 3, Take Home Treatment after your in-salon Olaplex service

Hydrolysed Wheat Protein

A refined natural protein derived from wheat germ that works to repair damaged hair follicles and reduce porosity. Products containing Hydrolysed What Protein soften and condition hair, improving body and shine.

Try: Kevin Murphy Angel.Wash, Eleven Australia Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

Vitamin E

This powerhouse antioxidant is not just for skincare! Vitamin E has healing properties and works to repair damaged hair on a cellular level, stimulating blood circulation for a healthy scalp and hair growth.

Try: Kevin Murphy Born.Again.Masque, Kevin Murphy Un.Tangled

Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Extract

Grapefruit extract is cellular regenerative and has been credited with promoting hair growth. Its gentle cleansing properties are beneficial for anyone with an oily scalp and hair.

Try: Kevin Murphy Fresh.Hair, Kevin.Murphy Angel.Rinse


Back to Brunette

Our colourists often provide advice about taking hair from brunette to blonde – but what about taking lightened hair back to brown?

If your hair has been chemically lightened, taking your blonde hair to brunette is far more complicated than throwing on some brown dye and calling it a day. Achieving the perfect brunette hue can be just as difficult and complex as taking dark hair to blonde. If you think you’re ready to head over to the dark side, here is some advice from our top colourists:

1. Make Sure You’re Sure 

Ask yourself why you want to make the change before booking your appointment. Switching to a new hue will change your entire look, so it’s important to be 100% committed to your new colour. Going from blonde to brunette is one thing – but taking fresh brunette hair back to your previous shade of blonde straight after your appointment can be close to impossible. If you have any hesitation, wait a few months and see if you’re still ready to take the plunge. You can also test the waters by asking your stylist to tone your blonde one or two shades darker on your next appointment.

2. Ask for Advice

Have a good chat with your colourist before making any decisions – we work with hair all day every day and have a great understanding of the art and science of colouring. Remember that your perfect brunette shade depends entirely on your skin colour, eye colour and hair type. If you’re using Pinterest or Instagram to gather inspiration photos (we always recommend bringing some in to show your colourist) keep in mind that what works for one person won’t work for everyone. Look for celebrities or models with similar colouring to yourself and work from there. During your consultation, let your colourist know what you like about the looks you have chosen – for example the tone, the placement of highlights or lowlights – and assess whether the look you love is achievable.

3. Follow the Process

Colouring hair is both an art and a science, with the final result depending entirely on the interaction of tones and your natural hair. If your hair has been chemically lightened, going straight from blonde to brunette can result in muddy, greenish brown tones. We’ve seen it in real life – our colour correction appointments often involve fixing hair that has turned sludgy after clients have used brown box dye to cover blonde hair. The professional approach involves the preliminary step of ‘filling’ blonde hair before applying the final brunette colour. This helps to counteract unwanted green tones and also normalises the porosity of coloured hair, allowing for a more even colour application.

4. Banish Block Colour

When you’re used to seeing yourself with blonde hair, darker brunette tones may feel heavy or harsh at first. Generally, solid brunette colour isn’t the best option when going darker – we generally recommend that clients take a more multidimensional approach to their colour. This may involve the layering of highlights and lowlights all over the hair in lieu of a single-process blanket colour. If you’re keen to ease yourself in to the colour change, a few well placed tonal highlights around your face can complement your features and keep the look fresh. Consider mixing up golden blonde foils with darker brown tones, or a colour gloss to enhance the dimension of your colour.

5. Find a Maintenance Routine 

Although brunette colour may require a little less maintenance than blonde tones, keeping your colour healthy and glossy requires attention and TLC. At-home professional treatments are a great way to keep your hair moisturised and shiny to make the most of your colour. If you’re looking to prolong your colour between appointments, consider an in-salon gloss treatment to boost brunette tones whilst strengthening and conditioning your hair. If you’re unsure what products are best for your hair, ask your colourist for their honest opinion during your initial appointment – they can help you to tailor your haircare routine to maximise your new colour.

Kevin Murphy TREAT.ME

Kevin Murphy Treat me

Kevin Murphy has always been a game changer in the haircare industry – his range of botanical inspired washes, rinses, styling products and treatments are loved by hairdressers and clients worldwide. So when we were invited to attend the launch of the new Kevin.Murphy TREAT.ME line, we jumped at the chance to preview the latest from the haircare guru.

TREAT.ME is a range of exclusively in-salon treatments that can be customised on the spot by your stylist to meet the needs of your hair. As Kevin Murphy himself explains:

“I saw that women’s hair was not responding to a generic ‘one size fits all’ approach to treatments and masques. The idea of a basic masque is very nonspecific, nor does it target any hair issues in particular”

The full strength treatments combine the best of nature and skincare technology and make use of skincare ingredients like Moringa Oil and Gardenia Extracts. The highly concentrated active ingredients of each treatment come in separate bottles and are mixed together by your stylist right before they are applied to your hair. Keeping the ingredients separate negates the need to include chemical stabilisers in the products which can diminish the their benefits. The serum structure of the treatments allow the ingredients to absorb more readily into the hair cortex, giving long-lasting results that are instantly noticeable.

The collection is designed to suit all hair needs – choose from REPAIR, NOURISHMENT, COLOUR PROTECTION, ANTI-AGEING, VOLUME or DENSITY. Your stylist is then able to further tailor your selected treatment to suit your hair type and condition. The treatment application is delivered alongside a full service wash and rinse using targeted Kevin.Murphy products, and an indulgent head massage to maximise the benefits of the system. Dubbed a ‘facial for your hair’ by Kevin Murphy, the results speak for themselves.

Available at Yots Hair in March 2015



The New Chin-Length Bob

lily collins bob

If 2014 was the year the lob, 2015 is all about the #cleartheshoulders movement. It’s time to say goodbye to those extra inches. The cut gained traction when Lara Bingle debuted her chin-grazing bob last year – but the popularity of shorter lengths sky-rocketed when Lauren Conrad’s revealed her new bob in December, cut by her hairstylist Kristen Ess.

This modern take on the classic bob is all about soft, lived-in texture.  As the name suggests, the chin-length bob should clear the shoulders – the ends of your hair should fall somewhere between your chin and shoulders when dry. For inspiration, look to Karlie Kloss, Lily Collins, Emma Roberts and Sienna Miller for different takes on the cut.

The great thing about this cut is its versatility – it can work with almost all face shapes and hair textures, fine, wavy or coarse. Have a chat to your stylist about lengths, layers, texture and fringes to work out what will work best for you.

The shorter length doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise on styling options. Bobs look great worn poker straight and slicked back, lightly textured, wavy and curly, or pulled back into up styles. Keep it casual with a slightly mussed and messy look, or go glamorous with a 1950’s inspired curl. Pinterest has a million-and-one pictures to inspire!

Get Glossy

If you haven’t heard about gloss colour, it’s time to get acquainted.

Gloss colour is the latest colour technology to hit the salon scene – a professional power product that benefits both the health and aesthetic appearance of your hair. The translucent product is applied in the salon like an all-over colour, but doesn’t deposit any colour into your hair. Instead, the gloss penetrates and seals the hair cuticle, conditioning each strand to leave the hair surface looking rich and shiny. This process has the added benefit of repairing damage – the product contains intense conditioning properties that treat, smooth and soften hair that looks dull or lifeless. The gloss also has a luminizing effect, adding multi-tonal dimension to enhance both natural and coloured hair.  Think glossy blonde tones with a healthy shimmer, and rich jewel shades for all types of brunettes.

Gloss and Tone

If you’re looking to maintain the tone of your hair between salon colour appointments and eliminate brassy tones, opt for a gloss-and-tone glaze. Like it’s translucent counterpart, this mildly pigmented gloss product works to condition, strengthen and revive lifeless hair with the added benefit of mildly toning coloured hair. The subtle tonal change is a simple, damage-free way to enhance your salon colour in-between appointments.

Want more info?

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Salon Treatments: The Lowdown

want to restore Shine, gloss and lustre?

Hair that has become dry, brittle or unmanageable points towards the beginnings of a bigger problem. Damaged hair can be the result of a number of external stressors, that strip the hair of moisture and natural oils – UV rays, air pollution, chlorine and product build up are examples of factors that can leave your hair looking and feeling under nourished. Your hair is often exposed to numerous external stressors on a daily basis and will eventually need some TLC to get it back to optimum health.

We often advise clients to combat lacklustre, brittle and damaged hair with high quality at-home professional treatments. However if enough damage is done, an at-home conditioning regimen will become futile. If you’ve tried a number of products and treatments to no avail, it’s time to seek specialised help from your stylist, and invest in an in-salon treatment.

Dealing with serious damage

Many at-home treatments work to restore moisture to your hair and prevent split-ends. However strands of hair are primarily comprised of keratin protein filaments, which bind to the hair cuticle and reinforce the hair shaft to prevent damage and breakage. Seriously damaged or stressed hair may be stripped of its essential proteins, and require a treatment to rebuild it from the inside out and remedy protein deficiencies.

A professional in-salon protein treatment works to heal the hair follicle and harden its cuticle, repairing brittle hair by penetrating the hair shaft and restructuring hair from the inside. At Yots Hair, we offer two professional treatments to combat different levels of damage.

  • If your hair is beginning to show the first signs of damage, our Quick.Treat treatment should be your first choice. It boasts a nutrient rich formula, capable of taming unruly hair and banishing fly-aways. Quick-Treat provides a blend of protein and moisture that strengthens and nourishes dry, damaged hair. Within minutes of application, softness and shine are restored and undernourished hair is repaired. It’s an uncomplicated and effective protein treatment that will leave your hair feeling years younger.
  • If your hair is in need of a serious SOS, we recommend our Luxury Regenerative Treat treatment. We use a deep conditioning, restorative masque formulae by Kevin.Murphy that contains a complex of 20 Amino Acids, fruit extracts and essential oils. The formula contains proteins from rice and quinoa to regenerate brittle, dry and damaged hair. The quinoa proteins bind to the hair shaft to work on the cortex, adding back moisture and shine. The rice proteins are readily absorbed by damaged hair, to condition and strengthen damaged strands. Immortelle extracts provide an antioxidant boost, baobab seed oil adds back elasticity and moisture from vitamins A, D and E, whilst lotus flower extract soothes damaged hair, stimulating enzyme activity for a protein hit to rebuild and repair the hair’s surface. The masque also contains naturally occurring fatty acids, goji berry extract and organic coconut oil for a deep conditioning treatment like no other.

Each of our treatments are applied with a soothing extended-head massage, for an indulgent in-salon experience like no other. It’s the ultimate way to relax and unwind, and leave your hair looking like new. Visit our pricing page for our full service menu, or email for more information.

Hair Oil: Our Product Obsession

If you’re still on the hunt for your holy grail hair care product, it might be time to pick up a hair oil. Adding an oil into your hair care regime is a simple, fuss-free way to infuse your hair with shine and softness, and provide protection from external stressors like heat and pollution. Our pick of the bunch is Kevin.Murphy’s weightless Young.Again Immortelle infused treatment oil. For instant oomph, just apply it daily to damp, freshly washed hair and style as usual.

Hair oils are a versatile, multi-purpose product – here’s the lowdown on how to get the most out of your new favourite buy:

  • Use your oil sparingly to dry hair to fight fly-away strands and static in winter. Just apply a tiny bit to a clean mascara wand and brush through. Most hair oil bottles are small enough to throw in your handbag, making them perfect for on-the-go touch ups
  • Oils can also be used on lacklustre hair for instant-smoothing and extra shine. Simply work a pump of your favourite oil between your palms, and run your hands through your hair post wash.
  • Calling all curly haired girls – oils can be used to combat frizz, dullness and split ends. Applying a small amount to damp hair will add back moisture to fight frizz, and help detangle out-of-control curls. Focus on working the product into your ends to nourish strands that are feeling brittle or damaged.
  • For a moisturising kick, try adding an oil to your conditioner or hair mask. Kevin.Murphy’s Young.Again is perfect for this, as it contains Apple Extracts that help to remove dead cells from the hair’s surface, and Bur Oil that promotes scalp health. As well as giving your hair extra-nourishment and body, washing the oil out in the shower helps to avoid weighing down your hair with product build up.

Growing Out Your Fringe


Anyone who has ever attempted growing out a fringe will tell you that it can be a slow and agonising process, that takes a lot of patience and bobby pins. If you’ve started your fringe-growing journey, we’re here to tell you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In the mean time, we’re offering our support with some tips to make the growing period as painless as possible.

1. Keep the rest of your hair looking fantastic to divert attention from that awkward growing stage. As you let your fringe grow out, make sure that the rest of your hair is well cut, flawlessly coloured and perfectly styled. This will take the focus off your fringe and leave you looking polished overall.

2. Even though it might seem counter-intuitive to trim your fringe while you’re growing it, allow your stylist to undertake minor trims to ensure that your fringe blends seamlessly with the rest of your hair and doesn’t start to look straggly. Taking it slow will ensure that your hair still looks neat and tidy.

3. Focus on your overall hair health. Trim split ends, indulge in nourishing restorative treatments and use a clarifying shampoo once every 1-2 weeks to promote a healthy scalp. Keeping your hair in optimum condition encourages growth, which can make a huge difference in the long term.

4.  If you’re not keen on pinning your hair back in a pony-tail day after day, ask your hairdresser for styling advice. Your stylist can show you different ways to wear your hair and give you some tips to get through the growing period without getting bored.

5. Once your fringe is long enough, choose a part. Wearing your fringe to one side is an easy way to disguise the growing out process – just keep unruly strands in place with a weighted hair spray. When choosing your parting, remember that side parts work best on those with oval, long and narrow faces; opt for a centre part if your face is square or round; or a slightly off-venter part if your face is heart or triangle shaped. Your stylist can offer advice if you ‘re unsure what will work best for you.