What’s next for blonde colour?

Now, no doubt fuelled by the influx of dedicated hairdressing pages on Instagram, the hottest trend is soft, sun-kissed blonde balayage that flatters and frames the face. Our team has this technique down to a fine art, but remain aware of the fact that blonde colour is a constantly evolving medium.

Thankfully, the focus in the past few years has moved towards healthy hair – gone are the days of straw like blonde strands which are damaged from over-bleaching. Colour innovations like Olaplex are to thank for this, which allow colourists to take clients lighter more quickly and without compromising the integrity of the hair. Products like the Evo Fabuloso Blonde Colour Intensifying Conditioner and Kevin.Murphy Blonde.Angel treatment also help to minimise damage from bleaching. Regular use of these products has the added benefit of helping to maintain salon colour for longer, by banishing brassy tones.

The rise of hybrid blonde trend colours like blorange and bronde have also taken blondes to a new level, which packs an striking punch. The popularity of these trends are no doubt linked to the fact that they have made blonde colour accessible to a wider range of people. They act as a happy mid-point for clients with naturally dark hair or red undertones, who would have difficulty achieving a true white blonde.

Right now, blonde colour is moving towards a natural, seamless look, where it’s near impossible to distinguish where the client’s natural colour begins and ends – even where a client has darker roots. For hairdressers, this requires focus on technique and precision, and an understanding of colour selection and placement. A key part of the process is choosing tones which will flatter each individual client. After all, blonde colour is all about brightness, and leaving each client feeling like their best self. We’re crowning 2017 the ye

Perfect your at home blow-out.

Perfect your at home blow-out.

Achieving a salon look at home just got easier – our hairdressers have spilled the beans on their tips and tricks for nailing your at-home blow-dry.

Dry a little first. Before getting started with your blow-dryer, make sure to towel dry your hair to remove at least 35-40% of moisture from your locks. Make sure to be gentle with the towel; use soft movements and avoid vigorous rubbing or pulling at the roots. After towel drying, blow-dry using only hot air and your fingers before coming in with a brush.

Be gentle. Proper technique is all about being gentle, and avoiding damage to your hair. Be sure not to pull your hair when brushing, and avoid using the high heat setting on your blowdryer if possible. And remember to keep the blow-dryer moving at all times, to avoid concentrating heat on one portion of hair.

Focus on the roots. If you’re after body and volume, use your fingers to comb your hair upwards from the roots while you blow dry. Using a brush for this step is less effective, as you won’t be able to get as close to the scalp.
Work methodically. Divide your hair into 4-6 sections (depending on how much hair you have) from ear to ear, and secure each one with a sectioning clip. Starting from the back of your head, working with a round brush, point the nozzle of the dryer at your hair and move it directly down the hair shaft from root to tip. Keep working the brush through each section until it is completely dry. Dry each section of the back half, before getting started on the front.

Use products sparingly. Investing in good products can be futile if you’re using them incorrectly. Keep in mind that less is generally more when it comes to leave-in heat protectants and conditioners. Opt for a dollop of products the size of a 20 or 50 cent coin (depending on how much hair you have) to avoid a stringy finish. Make sure to concentrate the product through the ends of your hair, to avoid an oily scalp. And always apply voluminising products to the roots only, so as not to weigh the rest of your hair down.

Ask your hairdresser. Ask your stylist for at-home blowdry tips the next time you’re in the chair. Professional insight can make all the difference, particularly when it comes to the proper way to hold your brush and blow-dryer.

The Secret to Perfect Hair

The Secret to Perfect Hair

Ever wondered what the secret is to perfect hair? Look, we’ll be honest – we don’t have one easy answer for you. What we do have are five top tips from our stylists to keep your hair in great condition. Implement their advice and you’ll be a little closer to flawless hair in no time.

Moisture, moisture, moisture. Your hair is like any other part of your body – it needs to be moisturized frequently. So don’t skip out on the conditioner; just make sure to keep it to the ends of the hair to help prevent split ends and fight against dryness. If your scalp is dry and flaky, invest in a good quality detoxing shampoo (like Kevin.Murphy Maxi.Wash, which is great for scalp health) and massage it gently into your scalp like a serum. Use firm, circular movements to invigorate your skin and encourage blood circulation.

Cut back on heat styling. Hands up if you’re guilty of straightening, or curling your hair every day? Repeated exposure to heat styling tools can damage the hair shaft and cause dry, damaged strands. Try to let your hair air-dry whenever possible, and play around with different products and partings to perfect your natural hair texture. If you are using hot styling tools, always use a protective treatment beforehand (we love the Kevin.Murphy Young.Again treatment) and don’t go full throttle on the temperature control.

Find what works for you. There’s a lot of debate around how many times a week you should wash your hair for optimum health. We have clients who swear by the no-poo method, and others can’t imagine not washing their hair every day. The answer? There is no answer – everyone has different hair, meaning that what works for you won’t necessarily work for everyone else. Find your solution and stick to it.

Love your hairdresser. Perfect hair requires a perfect foundation – the kind that only a professional cut can provide. A great haircut will not only act as the perfect compliment to your face shape and colouring, but also cut down your styling time in the morning and cause your hair to air-dry better. Frequent trims also are the only way to truly eliminate ratty split ends. Plus, visiting your hairdresser on a regular basis is the easiest way to pick up styling and hair-care tips, tailored for your hair type.

Eat well. You probably don’t need to hear it from your hairdresser too, but we’re going to lecture you anyway – a nourishing, vitamin rich diet and lots of water plays a huge part, especially when it comes to your hair. Healthy fats, Vitamins A and E and protein are key for strong, luscious locks.

Styling Trends for 2017

Styling Trends for 2017

Want to know our stylists top styling trends to try in 2017? These are our picks, perfect for formal events, or just a night out.

Bling. Accentuate basic styles with shimmering hair accessories. The key to keeping this look fresh and wearable is staying subtle – so stay away from glitter parts. Think tiny ironed-in gold stars in long loose waves, holographic strands woven through boxer braids and mini gold clips to embellish intricate up-styles.

Body. The bigger the better in this case! Think voluminous side parts, big curls throughout and lots of movement on the ends. Invest in a round brush and rollers to nail the look (or just book a body blow-dry at the salon depending on your patience).

Pony club. The ponytail is making a comeback this year (again, we know!). Although we love a good high pony, right now we’re all about low loose styles tied with a thick black ribbon bow – if done right it works for all occasions.

Curl styling. Soft beachy waves have been trending for a long time – but we’re talking about curls of a different variety. The look for 2017 far tighter and 80’s perm-inspired. If your hair is naturally curly, all you’ll need is a great haircut and curl enhancing products to work with your natural texture. Otherwise, a curling wand with a small barrel is a necessity to achieve this look.

Need assistance? Our stylists are always happy to help! Email us at mail@yotshair.com.au to organise an appointment or free consultation.

Balayage – the Techniques

Root shadow

Also known as faux ombre, this balayage technique is a great way to minimise harsh lines and regrowth for blonde clients. To get the look, a dark toner is applied around the roots for a natural halo effect, and seamlessly blended with lighter, blonde sweeping highlights to frame the face. A lighter toner is then applied all over the highlighted sections to perfect the hue.


Yep, it’s not just for your face! Hair contouring is a colouring technique that combines free-hand painted balayage and highlights, which are carefully placed throughout your hair. The key is picking out tones which complement each other, as well as the client’s unique colouring, and artfully positioning them to frame the face. Lighter tones reflect light to highlight and lengthen, while darker tones are used to frame and sharpen. We like to play around with different tones and depths of colour, for unique results suited to each individual client.

Colour Melt

This technique was probably the hottest colour trend on Instagram in 2016 (just check out the #colourmelt hashtag to see what we mean). It’s akin to statement ombre, but with a soft and natural twist – different tones of colour are woven and blended with each other to create a ‘smudging’, or ‘melting’ effect. Multi-tonal colour is seamlessly worked down from the root area, and blended to eliminate any harsh or obvious lines.

For a fresh, flattering and natural look, baby-lights are the ultimate colour technique. These fine, subtle and super-soft highlights mimic the natural multi-dimensional colour seen on children, placed all over the head. This look can be tweaked to work for all hair colours and skin-tones. Remember that baby-lights process requires your colourist to work with tiny pieces of hair, so expect this service to take extra time.

Olaplex FAQ

What is Olaplex?

In simple terms, it’s a bond multiplier which contains a single active ingredient – Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. When you subject your hair to chemical, thermal and mechanical processes, this causes breakage in disulfide bonds in the hair shaft, leaving the hair looking full and lifeless. The bonds can be broken through colouring your hair, heat styling or even combing your hair when it’s wet. Olaplex works to reverse damage, by cross linking single single sulfur hydrogen bonds in the hair shaft, and cross linking them back together to form disulfide bonds.

How is it Applied?

Olaplex is an in-salon service, that is applied to the hair in three steps. First, the No 1 treatment is applied conjunction with your colour service. Then, the No 2 treatment is applied at the basins, post-colour application. Finally, we send each Olaplex client home with a No 3 bottle, to be used weekly. The take-home treatment works to heal and repair your hair, and make the results of the in-salon treatment last longer.

How is it used?

Olaplex has a cult following by blonde hair colour specialists, because it allows us to achieve beautiful blonde colour whilst minimising damage to the hair. In many cases, it actually leaves blonde hair healthier and shinier post-colour service. It also allows colourists to achieve lighter results in one colour appointment than would otherwise be possible, as damage is minimised. In some cases, it’s possible to take a client with brunette, or nearly black toned hair to a beautiful blonde in one appointment. It’s necessary to keep in mind that this all depends on the health of the hair at the outset – Olaplex is a game-changer, but it’s not a miracle cure-all!

In addition to these incredible results, Olaplex isn’t just for blonde colour. It can be used in conjunction with darker colours, to bring out rich tones and provide beautiful long-lasting shine. Some clients love using Olaplex as a stand-alone treatment, just for its damage-reversing properties. We often apply the No 1 and No 2 treatments in the salon for clients with dry, damaged or over-processed hair without applying any colour. It works a treat to repair the hair and restore that beautiful, silky shine.

The results?

Shiny, smooth, healthy hair with a lustrous sheen. Once you’ve seen the results for yourself, we promise that you’ll keep coming back for more. Click here to view our Olaplex page and find out more about the treatment, or email mail@yotshair.com.au with any questions.

Making a fringe work for you

Summer is almost here, which means that you’re probably getting the itch to switch up your look. For a quick and easy fix, why not consider a fringe? It’s versatile, face framing and (if the runways are anything to go by) looking to be a huge trend for 2017. If you’re tentative, or not willing to commit to change, remember that a full-fringe isn’t the only option. Your face shape may be better suited to baby bangs, a sweeping side fringe or a 70’s face-framing style. A fringe will compliment many looks, depending on how you wear your hair . Long lengths, bobs, poker straight locks and beachy waves can all work incredibly well with a fringe.

Before you take the plunge and commit to a new cut here are some key things to keep in mind:
You’ll probably need patience to make this look work for you. If you’re not keen on styling your hair every morning, maybe give a full-fringe a miss. If you’re still up for it, ask your stylist to show you how to blow out your fringe properly, and invest in a good quality round brush.
Do not (we repeat, do not!) DIY your fringe at home. Cutting your hair in the mirror will not yield the same results as a haircut by a fully-trained stylist with years of experience.
Remember that maintenance is necessary. You’ll have to book in for regular fringe trims every 4-6 weeks, to keep your hair looking neat and tidy.
Not sure what type of fringe will suit your face shape? Have a chat with your stylist about what will best suit your face shape.
It’s also crucial to invest in the right products for your hair. If you have fine hair, use plumping products (like the Kevin Murphy Full Again range) to avoid the dreaded stringy fringe and keep your locks looking bouncy and luscious. Also make sure you have a good dry shampoo on hand for emergencies, to avoid greasy hair at inopportune moments.
If you’re thinking about a new cut, or just need some styling tips following your appointment, feel free to email our creative team for advice at mail@yotshair.com.au.

Blonde Colour Trends for 2017

You don’t need to know much about hairdressing to know that our team is absolutely crazy about blonde colour. One of our favourite things about the shade is its versatility. Are you a buttery blonde, or do you prefer icy platinum? Do you love a warm sun-kissed balayage, or are you more of an ashy type? This versatility allows our team to get creative, and to find the perfect blonde hue for each and every client.

So what are the blonde trends for summer 2016/17? First, there’s beige blonde. If you’re tired of platinum, and want to transition to something warmer for summer, this tone is perfect for you. It’s still light and fresh, but with a soft flesh-toned tinge complimented by gold, shimmering tones. Beige blonde works well with tanned skin, making it a summer favourite. If you’re keen to go even warmer, there’s dusty rose. Technically, this isn’t a true blonde – think beige blonde with a muted pink edge.

If warm tones aren’t for you, you’ll love our current favourite trend, champagne blonde. This is a natural, light blonde colour with a cool tinge. Champagne blonde works well with lighter complexions, making it perfect for ladies who just don’t tan – but it also looks incredible with darker skin tones. Finally, we’re happy to announce that bronde, last summer’s hottest shade isn’t going anywhere. As the name suggests, bronde falls somewhere between brunette and a true blonde. Caramel highlights are blended with a rich, deep brown base, to warm and soften your skin-tone and frame the face.

For all blonde colours, upkeep is key. Keep your new colour looking fresh with a purple toned shampoo and conditioner combo, likeKevin.Murphy Blonde.Angel. Weekly deep conditioning treatments will stop your hair from drying out in the summer sun.

If you’re wondering what blonde tone will suit your hair, shoot us an email atmail@yotshair.com.au to contact one of our colour specialists.

Tiger-Eye Balayage

2016 has truly been all about Balayage colour, and our colour team has been lapping up the latest techniques. Our latest obsession? Tiger-Eye. The latest update on the trend, named by top LA colourists, is all about rich jewel tones which mimic the tiger eye gemstone – think silky and lustrous golden and red-brown tones.

To achieve the look, our colourists pair hand-painted freehand caramel highlights with rich warm, or dark chocolate bases. The trick is keeping the look subtle and natural by seamlessly blending the tones, and carefully placing the lighter tones to properly frame the face. The mix of warmer colours makes it perfect for brunette babes, where that light blonde sunkissed Balayage look just isn’t achievable.

The best part? This latest iteration of balayage is super low-maintenance, and can be grown out without the need for touch ups. If you’re committed to upkeep, visiting the salon for regular toners or gloss-treatments will keep the tiger tones looking lustrous and shiny with little effort.

If you’re keen to give this new trend a try, shoot us an email at mail@yotshair.com.au to contact one of our colour specialists for a chat about your hair.

Restore and Repair My Hair

Kevin Murphy ReStore and Repair-MeDoes your hair need some extra love and repair? It might be time to try the incredible new three-part Kevin.Murphy Repair-Me system.

Start off with Repair-Me.Wash, a reconstructing shampoo with Bamboo and Silk Amino Acids to strengthen hair and gently remove impurities. The nourishing formula is sulphate and paraben free, and contains Papaya, Bamboo Leaf Extract and Green Pea Protein to strengthen and repair your hair. Follow up with the Repair-Me.Rinse conditioner with Shea Butter and Aloe Vera to gently lubricate your strands and protect them from damage. Additional benefits include increased manageability and beautiful reflective shine. Just apply it to freshly washed hair, leave on for at least a minute and rinse. The final piece of the puzzle is the Re.Store cleansing conditioner treatment, which contains superfood proteins to naturally bind moisture and reconstruct damaged hair. It contains Amino Acids, including Arginine and Lysine, to help restore and rebuild hair and add back elasticity, strength and moisture. Apply it to wet hair and scalp, leave it on for 2-3 minutes then rinse. It’s meant to be used 1-2 times a week as a substitute for your Repair-Me Wash and Rinse.