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If you colour your hair blonde at the salon, you’re probably no stranger to the ins and outs of upkeep. Brassiness, damage and breakage are all unwanted, and unfortunate, side effects of maintaining fresh blonde tones. Luckily, there have been game changing developments in the world of hair care in recent years, including one blonde focused product will make your life a whole lot easier in a short amount of time.

Meet Evo’s Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Intensifying Conditioner – a colour intensifying conditioner that will provide your hair with an instant intensifying boost and extra blonde sparkle. These benefits are combined with a super nourishing treatment, to condition and repair damaged hair, and instantly tone your colour. Adding this product to your shower routine is an easy way to achieve and maintain clean blonde colour, and remove unwanted yellow tones and brassiness.

This product has a bunch of extra benefits that we love. The formula has a smoothing, anti-static effect, balances the moisture levels of your hair, softens and detangles without adding any weight. Plus, it contains no ammonia or peroxide – and did we mention that results are visible after just three minutes.

Our team highly recommend this wonder product to all our blonde clients; particularly when their hair has started looking dull, dry or brassy.

Ecaille Hair Colour

If you’re all about trying the latest in hair colour trends, it’s time to get acquainted with ecaille colour.

Ecaille is not a technique – it’s a colour palette focused on warmer, golden tones with a sun kissed finish. Also known as “tortoiseshell” colour, the look is created by blending smooth blonde, caramel, chestnut and chocolate tones to add richness and dimension to the hair. Your colourist will place face-framing highlights at the front of your hair, and soften the look with well blended pieces around the rest of the head, keeping your colour darker at the roots and lighter at the ends.

The ecaille effect is incredibly versatile and can be adjusted to create natural, or bold looks. The mix and placement of tones can be adjusted as necessary, and the colour can be painted on the hair using a balayage, ombre, babylights or freehand highlighting technique depending on your preference. With this in mind, it’s important to bring in photos of your preferred colour in to your stylist, to ensure you are both on the same page.

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Maintaining the Perfect Colour

For Blondes

Blonde colour is generally the hardest on your hair’s health – particularly for clients with naturally dark hair.

  • Our colourists have found that Olaplex is a total game changer when it comes to maintaining blonde colour. If you haven’t heard about Olaplex, it’s a service that is being touted as being revolutionary in the hairdressing industry. The genius products contain a single active ingredient that works to reconnect broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair, which break when chemically treated. As well as allowing clients to lighten their hair with minimal breakage or damage, the three step in-salon service actually works to extend the life of your colour. It’s a must-try for clients who find that their perfect tone fades, or washes out quickly.
  • If you’re looking for a way to restore shine and neutralise unwanted brassy tones between colour appointments, an in-salon gloss and tone is a great way to go. As well as treating and softening your hair, a gloss treatment will enhance and restore luminosity to coloured tones.
  • If you’re happy with your hue, avoid using clarifying shampoos and treatments as these can strip the the tone from your hair. Instead, make sure you’re using a high quality purple toned shampoo and deep conditioner like the Eleven Australia Keep My Colour Blonde treatment.

For Red Tones 

Red tones are notoriously hard to maintain and will generally need to be touched up in the salon every four weeks – something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about switching shades.

  • Our colourists have had great results using Olaplex to extend the life-span and vibrancy of red colours. It’s a great option for clients who want to take black, or dark brown hair to a lighter red-based tone without compromising the health or integrity of their hair. As well as minimising damage, the service can extend the life of your colour.
  • Try not to wash freshly coloured red hair for a week after your service. After that, try to wash your hair less frequently. Invest in a quality dry shampoo, like Kevin.Murphy Fresh Hair to maximise the days between washing and eliminate product build up.
  • When you do wash, keep in mind that hot water opens the hair follicle. As red is the largest colour molecule, it slips out each time you wash. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water – it doesn’t need to be freezing cold! Always follow up with a conditioning treatment or serum to seal the hair cuticle, for added moisture and colour protection. We love the nutrient-rich Eleven Australia 3 Minute Repair rinse out treatment.
  • If you find your tone is fading quickly, we highly recommend the Revlon Nutri Color Crème range of take home treatments. These nourishing creme products restore the vibrancy and sheen of salon colour. The best part? You’ll see results in under three minutes. These babies are available in tones ranging from shimmering copper to rich mahogany (as well as browns, blondes and pastels).

For Brunettes

This season brunette colour is all about rich jewel tones. Although going darker won’t damage your hair, maintaining a vibrant, healthy looking colour requires a proper maintenance routine.

  • If you find that your brunette colour loses its radiance between appointments, an in-salon glaze or gloss colour is a great way to restore its lustre. With all the benefits of a deep conditioning treatment, the gloss colour product penetrates and seals the hair cuticle to  leave its surface looking rich and shiny. It’s a simple, damage-free way to revive and enhance your colour.
  • Condition and moisture are important elements of colour retention. The Treat.Me range, a botanical skincare inspired range of in-salon treatments developed by Kevin.Murphy, includes a targeted Colour.Protection treatment that can be further customised by your stylist to suit your exact hair needs. Ingredients like Moringa Oil and Gardenia Extract give instant and lasting results, for a vibrant looking colour.
  • If your brunette hue becomes brassy after shampooing, keep in mind that purple toned products aren’t exclusively for blondes. Rotate your normal shampoo and conditioner with the Kevin.Murphy Blonde.Angel wash and rinse combo to eliminate brassy tones between appointments.

Babylights: the Key to Natural Colour

Our colourists have been going crazy for the next big trend in hair colour, adorably termed ‘babylights’. Think super fine, shimmering highlights scattered throughout the hair that mimic the natural sunkissed-tones your hair had as a child. The technique is a fresh alternative to ombre and balayage colour, and our clients are loving it.

Can I try it?  Honey Blonde

For blondes, the look is all about subtle, multi-dimensional tones that enhance your base colour. Delicate, multi-tonal highlights are scattered throughout the hair to create a baby-blonde effect. Although the technique was originally inspired by sun-kissed blonde strands, it’s versatile and can be used to create beautiful colour on anyone. The base colour should be kept close to your natural tone, with accent highlights added to enhance your natural colouring. Rose gold or
copper tones look incredible on redheads. For brunettes, try caramel or honey toned babylights that are several shades lighter than your natural hair colour. Keep the colour contrast minimal and effortless.

Application and technique

The application process is similar to regular all-over highlights and requires delicate precision and attention to detail from your colourist. The service is likely to take longer than your average colour appointment as the technique requires your colourist to work with smaller sections of hair at a time.

The technique used by your colourist will depend on your desired result. The look can be achieved through super-fine and strategically placed traditional foil highlights. Our Creative Colour Team also commonly work with with professional hand-painted colour techniques for extra-control when it comes to placement. This process can be used to create a well-blended, realistic andface-framing effect. Whatever technique is used, the final results are soft, pretty and incredibly flattering, adding depth and dimension to solid colour.

Complementing your colour

Consider whether your haircut will complement the babylights look. Our stylists recommend a fluid, natural haircut that looks more ‘lived in’ than structured. As baby lights have a radiant effect, it’s important to invest in a  good quality shine serum or oil to enhance the glossy, shimmering tones.


Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair

Hair care advice usually focuses on nourishing your strands and maintaining soft, shiny lengths with body and volume. Little emphasis is placed on caring for the scalp – the foundation of hair growth! Neglecting your scalp can undermine even the best hair care regimen, so investing in its health is essential.

  • Assess the Damage: An unhealthy scalp can seriously compromise the structural and functional integrity of your hair, leading to dry, limp or brittle locks – or, at worst, hair loss. If your scalp feels dry, itchy, tight or irritated, or you’re experiencing light dandruff or flaking, it might be time to re-assess your scalp care routine.
  • De-Clutter Your Hair Care Regimen: Your scalp is an extension of the rest of your skin, with a larger concentration of hair follicles. A build-up of hair care products can clog the scalp surface, no different from the skin on your face. Excess product build-up can seriously inhibit your scalp from functioning properly, affecting sebum levels and hydration. Eliminate any un-necessary steps and use as few styling products as possible to achieve your desired look each day. Make sure to avoid the root area when applying styling products and treatments, keeping the product to the lengths of your hair.
  • Use Targeted Products to Detox:  Kevin.Murphy’s botanical inspired products often boast an array of benefits for scalp health. The Maxi.Wash detoxifying shampoo contains AHA’s (fruit acids) that break down fatty acids to to clean and clarify your scalp. Apply the shampoo to your hair and work it in gently, giving yourself a mini head-massage to stimulate your scalp. Using a detoxing shampoo once a week works wonders to eliminate product build-up and clarify the scalp. Finish up with the Kevin.Murphy Born.Again essential treatment, which contains biotin to prevent hair loss and improve scalp health. Apply it to freshly washed hair and distribute it to your scalp and through from your roots and lengths. Leave the treatment in your hair for 10-20 minutes before rinsing to repair scalp damage at a cellular level.
  • Protect: It’s advised that you slather your skin with sunscreen before stepping out on a scorching hot day to prevent sun-damage – the same principle applies to your scalp . Sun-damage can seriously compromise follicle growth, so protect your scalp from UV rays with a hat. When it comes to heat-styling, be careful of depleting moisture from a dry or flaking scalp. Avoid blasting hot air directly onto your scalp when blowdrying and minimise exposure to extreme temperatures when using styling tools.


Picking your Perfect Hairdresser

We’re lucky to have an incredibly talented team of stylists and colourists working at Yots Hair, who bring a diverse range of skills and experience to the table. Plus, they’re a lovely, friendly bunch. Check out our team profiles to find out more. If you’re a new client and unsure who to see, feel free to contact us and ask for a recommendation. Tell us what you want done with your hair, your hair type, and any concerns you might have. We’re always happy to help set you up with your perfect match.

Double up

Although each of our hairdressers are highly trained in all aspects of hairdressing, we encourage our stylists to develop specialised skills in areas that they are passionate about. As a result, each member of the Yots Team has an area of expertise. Some of our stylists are master cutters, adept at dealing with difficult hair. Some are colour experts – we extensively train blonde colour specialists with immeasurable colour knowledge, specialist ombre and balayage colourists and colour correction experts. Other team members are incredibly skilled at up-dos and styling, having honed their skills working backstage at Fashion Week. For this reason, a large percentage of our clients see one of our team members for their haircut and another team member for their colour. It’s all about maximising your service so that you look and feel fantastic when you leave the salon.

Consult and Communicate

Each appointment at Yots Hair is preceded by a complimentary consultation. We want our clients to be satisfied when they leave the salon and meeting your hairdresser is a great way to determine whether you’re both on the same page before beginning. Client-stylist communication is crucial and we encourage an open dialogue about your needs and expectations before commencing your service. And remember, good communication should continue until the end of the appointment. A true professional will address any concerns that you express during or after the appointment – your satisfaction as a client is paramount.

And if you don’t click? 

Don’t be afraid to move within the salon – we promise that your stylist won’t be offended! Making a move to another hairdresser within the salon is far more common than you might think. If you and your stylist just don’t click, our reception team is always happy to recommend another stylist to look after you and your hair. And keep an eye out during your appointment – the technique of another hairdresser in the salon or the results achieved on another client might catch your eye.

If you’re keen for a recommendation…

Shoot us an email at and let us know what you’re looking for!

Hair Care Tips for Long Hair

Yots Tips: Our top 5 quick tips for women with long hair

Regular Trims

The longer your hair, the more prone it is to breakage and split ends. Visiting your stylist for a trim every 4 – 6 weeks keeps long hair at optimum health, eliminating split ends and minimizing breakage. Even if you’re growing your hair, keep up with your appointments at the salon. Trimming your hair wont make it grow faster, but it will benefit the overall health and condition of your hair.

Detangle with caution

Avoid brushing your hair while it is wet. Wet hair is vulnerable and susceptible to damage – using a hairbrush can stretch out your hair and cause breakage. Instead, detangle wet hair with a wide tooth comb, from the tips up to the roots. Let your hair dry naturally when possible. Limiting the exposure your hair has to heat-styling tools gives your strands a chance to relax and repair.

Live it

The condition of your hair reflects your overall health. A diet rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E can encourage hair to grow faster by fostering scalp health and blood circulation, ultimately providing shiny, strong long hair. Fill up on nutrient rich foods like walnuts, spinach, blueberries, salmon and sweet potato, and reap the benefits. Exercise can also benefit long hair, as increased blood flow promotes a healthy scalp and strong strands.

Get advice

Ask your stylist which products are best suited for long hair. Make sure you’re using a good quality conditioner to keep your ends frizz-free and shiny. If your hair is looking tired, or stressed, indulge in an oil treatment to give your long locks a boost. We love Kevin.Murphy Young.Again immortelle infused treatment oil; it adds elasticity back to long hair, intensely conditioning ends and infusing hair with shine.


Avoid using chemical based hair products. Although shampoos containing parabens and sulfates lather better, it is to the detriment of your hair. Prolonged use of chemical products can stress out long hair and weigh it down with excess toxins. Invest in quality, sulfate and paraben free products – you’ll notice the difference!


How to get a Great Haircut

Tips on how to get the best haircut and colour in Adelaide

The key to getting a great haircut and colour is to establish a relationship of trust and mutual understanding with your stylist. However, the prospect of getting a fantastic result becomes daunting when you are visiting a hairdresser for the first time, particularly when you are fussy with your hair.

Here are our top tips for avoiding miscommunication with your stylist and having a satisfying salon experience.

Consultations are Key

Consulting with your hairdresser is an integral part of your salon appointment. A thorough consultation allows your stylist to ascertain and recreate the style that you are envisioning.

Hairdressers are generally visual people, with an industry specific vocabulary. Often, when a  client verbally describes their desired haircut or colour, a stylist will picture it differently in their head. For example, if you explain that you want your hair to look like Anne Hathaway, your stylist may picture her pixie cut – when you were imagining yourself with her long bob.

Come prepared, bringing photographs of different cuts and colours that you are considering. Sites like make it easy to compile images of potential styles.  Think about what you like and dislike about each image that you are bringing in. Consider your options; your desired length and texture, how you want to wear your hair (wavy or straight?), whether you want a fringe and what colour would suit the style.

Also consider how each style will suit your lifestyle. Do you want to be able to put your hair in a ponytail at the gym? Will you have to use particular products or styling tools to recreate the look? Do you have time to spend prepping your hair each morning?

Your stylist can then accurately advise you on what colour and haircut is suitable. Doing the groundwork is the easiest way to avoid miscommunication, to ensure that your stylist knows exactly what you want.

Speak up!

Before your stylist begins your haircut, double check that they understand what you want. If you feel as though your stylist isn’t listening, ask them to describe what you have asked for back to you. If you are unsure, always reaffirm things with your stylist before they begin.

If you feel uncomfortable at any time during the appointment, or your stylist has recommended something that you are unsure about, tell them! It’s not rude to ask them for an explanation for their reasoning – ultimately, the stylist wants to make you happy.  Communication is the key to building a trusting relationship with your hairdresser and ultimately achieving a great style that you love.

If you are concerned that your stylist will cut off too much length of your hair, show them precisely on your hair where you would like them to stop. If, during the cut, you feel that they are cutting too much off, show them again and tell them “no shorter than this”.

While your stylist is working on your hair, ask them about the tools and products they are using and how they use them. Your stylist will be happy to help you recreate gorgeous hair at home and maintain the style in-between visits.

Respect your stylist

With the above in mind, remember to remain realistic. Your hair type, condition, current style or length may inhibit you from recreating your desired style. When compiling pictures of your desired style, stick to women with a similar hair type to you. If your hairdresser tells you that a particular style is impossible, or will not suit you, listen. Keep in mind that your hairdresser has a wealth of knowledge and experience and will generally recommend what is best for your hair.

Fill them in

Before you begin your service, tell your stylist about any prior damage done to your hair and any adverse reactions you have had to styling products or colour. It is also helpful to describe any styles you have had and disliked in the past, to avoid a similar result. Again, this will aid your stylist in envisioning the perfect style for you.

Think it through

Perhaps the most terrifying thing for a stylist is when a new client sits in the chair and says “I just want a total change – do whatever you think will look good.” Spontaneous, drastic changes can become a nightmare for both the client and stylist. When a client asks for something ‘cool’, ‘short’ or ‘funky’ or asks the hairdresser to ‘just cut it all off’, more often than not, they will leave the salon unhappy. This is because you and your hairdresser may have completely different ideas about what is stylish.

The best way to avoid this is to prepare yourself. If you decide to make a drastic change, think it over for at least a week before making an appointment with your hairdresser. It can also be beneficial to book a consultation with your hairdresser several days before taking the plunge. This way you can talk through the potential style with your hairdresser and avoid any disasters or uncertainties.

Not happy?

If you have left the salon unhappy with your hair, your natural reaction may be to mentally blacklist the salon,. However the most constructive way to deal with a service that you are unhappy with is to get in touch with the salon owner as soon as possible and explain the issue in detail. Describe what you asked for and how it differs from the end result. Any reputable salon will bend over backwards to fix the problem. At Yots, we want every client to love their hair when they leave the salon. Highlighting the issue is the first step towards reaching a solution that you, the client, is happy with.

Tips for Beautiful Summer Hair

It’s here – summer has officially hit Australia. Although we’re dreaming of days at the beach, gelati, breezy weather and comparing tans, sun-damage is always at the forefront of our minds.

It’s easy to forget how damaging the harsh Australian sun can be. Ultraviolet radiation is a great source of vitamin D, but can also do killer damage to your skin. And whilst Australian’s are becoming more conscious of sun-protection (slip, slop, slap!) not many are conscious of how damaging the sun can be to their hair.

The sun’s UV rays are intense, able to penetrate deep into the hair and cause damage to colour pigments and cuticle scales. The sun can also cause severe damage to your hair cortex, leaving hair brittle and coarse. Extreme sun damage can fry your hair and leave it susceptible to breakage, completely void of strength and elasticity.  Plus, your scalp is just as susceptible to sunburn as the rest of your body and can lead to dandruff, ageing and hair loss.

Every year when December hits, we hear horror stories from clients who have distressed their hair through sun-exposure. We don’t want you to have to trade in your dream summer locks for dry sun-ravaged hair, so we’ve compiled an emergency summer hair guide. Say goodbye to split ends and hello to luscious hair.

Acquaint yourself with products

If you’ve spent a lot of time in the sun, there’s no way of reversing damage without giving your hair some extra TLC. Conditioners are the easiest way to add life back to damaged hair. Our pick? Kevin.Murphy Angel.Rinse is enriched with grapefruit extract, camomile and olive oil, making it perfect to nourish fine, damaged hair. Mango butter, olive oil and citrus peel protects hair against sun damage. Geranium oil helps shine and manageability, cocoa butter adds back moisture and increases elasticity – and it smells AMAZING.

For a bit of extra love, Kevin.Murphy Staying.Alive is a leave in conditioning treatment, containing olive leaf extract, honey, coconut and rose hip oil. It provides an antioxidant boost to protect and soften hair. Consider this paraben free frizz-smoother your hair SOS. Or, indulge your hair with Kevin.Murphy Young.Again, to intensely revive, condition and smooth your hair. Work it through freshly washed hair 30 minutes before sun-exposure, like sunscreen for your tresses

Eat well 

Upping your vitamin intake will provide nutrients to your body and help keep your hair healthy and strong. Make sure you’re consuming enough fresh fruit and vegetables and add a vitamin boost with fresh, organic juices. Carrots, pawpaw and mangoes are full of Vitamin A, which is a hair superfood. Blueberries and kiwi fruit are a great source of Vitamin C to combat hair breakage.

Invest in a hat 

We know that when your hair looks amazing it can feel self-defeating to hide it under a hat. But the benefits of sun protection far outweigh covering up for a few hours during the brightest parts of the day. Your hair will look healthier in the long run and you can show off your gorgeous blow-dry in the late afternoon, until the early hours of the morning. You can always visit Yots Hair, and get your favourite stylist to fix up your hat hair with a blow-dry 😉

Remember to look after your skin too and invest in some sunblock!

xox The Yots Team

Blonde Hair Refresh

Eleven Australia Keep my ColourIf you’re a blonde, or a brunette with highlights, you’ll know that keeping your hair looking fresh between salon visits requires some extra maintenance. If your colour needs some loving, try our Team’s refresher tips:

  • Get back to basics with your product regimen. A purple toned treatment is a must have to tone and fight damage – the darker the pigment the better.  If your hair is looking looking drastically brassy, try leaving the treatment on your hair for a few extra minutes. We love the Eleven Australia Keep my Colour Blonde treatment, for shine and hydration.
  • Look out for styling products with added protein, to rebuild and nourish dry or damaged hair throughout the day. Kevin.Murphy‘s latest addition, Smooth.Again, is an anti-frizz styling product that doubles as a protein rich leave-in treatment. It’s infused with Lotus Flower Extract, an essential oil shown to stimulate enzyme activity in your hair – these proteins work to repair and condition the hair’s surface. It’s also infused with Cupuaçu Seed Butter, Japanese Green Tea, and Baobab Seed Oil for silkier locks.
  • Alternate your regular shampoo with a purple toned product formulated specifically for blondes. The Kevin.Murphy Blonde Angel range is intensely pigmented, smells incredible and gives blonde tones an instantly noticeable boost. Make sure to snap some before and after comparison pictures – you won’t believe the difference after 2 weeks of use!