Variety on King William 2013

We were thrilled to take part in Variety on King William last friday – our Creative Team styled hair for the Adelaide Fashion Festival’s longest runway. It was an amazing day on King William Road, showcasing incredible fashion for a great cause. Here are some of our favourite looks from the parade. Visit the King William Road Facebook page to see more.


New ghd Pink Diamond Styler Set

Proud to be Pink

Available in-salon now, at Hyde Park and North Adelaide – the new ghd V pink diamond professional styler. For every styler and brush set sold, $20 will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The diamond styler has smooth plates that glide effortlessly through hair, making straightening and curling hair a breeze. The styler also boasts features like automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes of inactivity, universal voltage so you can use your styler anywhere in the world, and contoured edges for flawless high-shine styling. The metallic pink ghd styler comes with a matching pink paddle brush, to celebrate 10 years of support for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Win a Trip to New York

We’re dreaming of New York streets – and thanks to Kevin.Murphy, our dreams could become reality! Kevin.Murphy  is running a New York Experience competition: the grand prize gives one lucky winner and a friend the opportunity to experience New York fashion, art and culture first hand. You’ll also win a trip for two to NYC for your stylist – all the more reason for you to enter! Ask us how on your next visit to the salon.

Kevin.Murphy Shimmer.Bug

New in at Yots: Kevin.Murphy Shimmer.Bug.

We’re head over heels in love with Kevin.Murphy’s latest addition to the Colour.Bug range.

Colour.Bug is an apply-it-yourself product, dubbed colour for commitment-phobes. It’s like makeup for your hair – use it by rubbing the powder onto your hair (it helps if you’ve applied product to your hair as a primer) and set with a spritz of hairspray. Whilst the other Colour.Bug products promise pops of bright, neon colour, Shimmer.Bug allows you to add instant highlights to your hair that wash out after a quick shampoo.

Shimmer.Bug works differently on different hair shades – it adds instant gold, shimmering highlights to dark hair, and radiant sunkissed shine to lighter hair tones. Depending on how you use it, Shimmer.Bug can be used to create a neutral look for the office, or a statement look for night. It’s perfectly versatile, and so easy to apply – a quick swipe is all it takes.

Shimmer.Bug is in salon now at Yots Hair.

Winter Hair Care

The temperature is dropping as winter sets in, which means its time to adjust your hair care routine for the colder months. The transition between seasons can wreak havoc on your hair, causing dullness, dry ends, frizziness and breakage.

Treat Yourself!Eleven Australia Adelaide

Combat dry frizzy hair with products to nourish your hair. Cold and windy weather can strip the hair cuticle, leaving your hair dry and dull. Its important to switch up your products during the colder months to nourish your hair, restore moisture and reverse damage. To hydrate dry hair, we recommend Eleven Australia’s Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, an ultra-nourishing combo that replenishes moisture to dry hair. Follow with a pampering treatment, rich in antioxidants and essential oils for a nourishing boost. We love Kevin.Murphy Born.Again.Masque, an ultra rich treatment that blends pure botanicals and quality ingredients that penetrate the hair follicle to provide nutrition and fortifying molecules. The masque contains babasu oil, mango butter, vitamin E, jojoba esters, shea butter, desert lime and kakadu plum extracts. It’s paraben free, pH balanced and is the perfect product to build your hairs strength through winter.

Maintain it

Combating dryness and split ends requires diligent hair maintenance. During the winter months, aim to minimise exposure to heat styling whenever possible. Doing so gives your hair a chance to relax and regenerate. Similarly, don’t brush your hair when it is wet – this can strain and stretch dry hair, and exacerbate existing damage. Reduce the effects of the temperamental Adelaide weather with visits to your hairdresser. Regular trims will leave your hair looking shiny and healthy, by minimising split ends. Indulge your hair with an in-salon treatment to restore protein, balance and moisture to lacklustre hair.

Quick Fixes

We all have days where our hair looks a little bit lacklustre – fight back against bad hair days with our quick-fix tips

Take Tips from a Supermodel 

Supermodel Jessica Hart has spilled her beauty secrets and credits Kevin.Murphy’s Young.Again as being her hair saviour. The immortelle infused treatment has become a favourite at Yots; just apply it to freshly washed hair before styling to it smooth, protect and strengthen hair. The compact bottle is small enough to throw in your handbag, making it the perfect on-the-go quick-fix product. Keep it on hand and apply small amounts to your hair throughout the day to smooth over frizzy ends and fly-aways.

Find Time to Detox  Kevin Murphy

You might have tried clean eating, a juice fast or the cabbage soup diet…but when was the last time you detoxed your hair? Without extra care, product and chemical residue can accumulate in your hair, weighing it down and damaging your scalp. If your hair is looking limp and lifeless, try using a detoxifying shampoo once a week to eliminate residue build up and restore natural buoyancy to your hair. Kevin.Murphy Maxi.Wash contains fruit acids and balancing essential oils that brighten and purify frazzled hair. Anti-pollutant ingredients eliminate product and chemical build-up to leave hair feeling silky and revitalised.

Leave it in our Hands

If all else fails, stop by the salon to visit us! We recently read that, on average, a woman spends an accumulated 26 years of her life suffering from bad hair days. If  you’re fighting a losing battle with your hair, let us fight back for you. We would love to see you in the salon for a blowdry and style, or a new haircut. If you’re in need of some extra pampering, indulge yourself with an in-salon treatment to breathe life back into stressed hair. Kick back and relax with a signature Yots coffee while we work our magic – perfect hair is just an appointment away.  

Want to Win Kevin.Murphy Products?

This February and March we’re giving away prizes to clients, including a luxe pack of Kevin.Murphy products. Entering is easy – ask our team how to put yourself in the running on your next visit to the salon.


About Kevin.Murphy products
We love being Adelaide Kevin.Murphy stockists. The Kevin.Murphy range consists of fashion focused salon-exclusive products, designed by Kevin to meet his needs as a runway stylist. The products promote hair strength and longevity, catering to all hair types. The weightless products are infused with pure essential oils, plant extracts and natural antioxidants, utilizing renewable and sustainable resources where possible.


Kevin.Murphy products are sulphate and paraben free,biodegradable and packaged with 100% recyclable materials, as well as being recognized as cruelty-free by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).


The range includes gentle washes that promote strong and healthy hair, moisturizing and shine-enhancing rinses, indulgent treatments, runway born styling products and the cult favourite Colour.Bug.


New Blonde.Angel in salon now!
Kevin.Murphy has recently introduced Blonde.Angel, a range of products designed specifically for those with colour treated blonde hair. The purple-hued Blonde.Angel wash works to counteract yellow and brassy tones, refreshing hair with a Lavender infused formula. Optical brighteners rescue dulled colour and restore shine. The Blonde.Angel treatment enhances blonde or grey hair, utilizing Mango, Shea and Murumuru butters to refresh and repair brassy and yellow colours. These products have fast become our favourites from the Kevin.Murphy line!

The giveaway ends on March 31st and winners will be contacted via email and announced on our Facebook page. Enter at our Hyde Park or North Adelaide salon on your next visit.

The Blonde Bible

Whether you are a newbie blonde, a seasoned colour aficionado or blessed with naturally light hair, chances are your locks will require extra TLC. Naturally blonde hair is often finer and more fragile than other hair types and vulnerable to damage and dryness. Without appropriate maintenance, women who colour their hair blonde may encounter similar problems.

Going blonde

Without proper upkeep, coloured hair can become brittle, dry and porous, prone to breakage and density issues. Think of your new colour as an investment. By indulging your hair appropriately, using professional products and adhering to proper haircare methods, your blonde colour will look amazing between visits to the salon. Your life as a gorgeous blonde begins now…

Chapter 1. Find a Hairdresser

Ensure that your colourist is experienced with blonde colour and uses quality products. At Yots, each of our colourists have undergone extensive colour training, with a specific focus on blonde colour and maintenance. Additionally, we have researched and sourced colour products of the highest quality, enabling us to produce consistently brilliant results. Inferior colour technique and products (particularly chemist bought dyes) can cause serious damage to hair, often taking over 14 months to repair.

Chapter 2. Stay Realistic

Achieving your ideal blonde shade can take several appointments. Our colourists work closely with clients and often find it necessary to make colour changes gradually. This process minimizes damage and allows our team to achieve the best results possible.

Chapter 3. TLC

Our team will gladly prep new blondes on how to maintain and care for their colour. Using good quality products to supplement your haircare regime is crucial. Whilst products are essential, don’t overuse them. Doing so can weigh down your hair, making it look lifeless and dull.

Chapter 4. Purple Shampoo

Forgive us for being over-dramatic, but word on the street is that Kevin.Murphy’s Blonde.Angel Wash has changed client’s lives. This cult favourite works as a blonde toner, eliminating brassy and yellow tones to leave hair looking cool, clean and fresh. The intense purple formula is paraben and sulphate free, and infused with lavender to gently cleanse hair and restore shine.

Chapter 5. Treat It

Find a deep conditioning treatment and commit to using it weekly. Ask your colourist which treatment will best suit your hair type. As Adelaide stockists (and dedicated advocates) of Kevin.Murphy products, we recommend the new Kevin.Murphy Blonde.Angel Treatment. This conditioning treatment moisturises and softens highlighted, bleached and grey hair, refreshing and repairing brassy tones. Plus, it’s paraben free and enriched with natural extracts to nourish your hair, including brazil nut, sunflower seed, olive oil, lavender flower and jojoba seed.

Chapter 6. Beware Heat

If you are addicted to your ghd or curling iron, prep your hair before heat styling with a thermal heat protectant, to minimize damage to the hair cuticle. Kevin.Murphy’s Damage.Manager is a weightless spray that protects hair from heat at temperatures up to 220ºC. This paraben free styling product also contains contains Allantoin to stimulate hair growth and Arnica root extract, which naturally prevents inflammation and promotes healing. For extra defense, try not to brush your hair while it is wet. This can stretch the hair cuticle and damage your hair.

Chapter 7: Cover Up

As lighter shades of hair contain less melanin than darker colours, blonde hair is more succeptible to sun damage. To protect against UV rays and sun related damage, it is beneficial to cover your hair with a hat or headscarf in extreme heat. Bright sun can also cause blonde colours to fade quickly.

Be careful when swimming in chlorinated water as your hair will absorb chlorine. Chlorine damage will cause condition of your hair to deteriorate and turn blonde tones green. Stick to salt water pools where possible and rinse your hair in the shower before entering the water to minimize absorption of pool water. Once a week use an exfoliating detox shampoo, such as Kevin.Murphy Maxi.Wash, to remove any chlorine particles. However to maintain a great colour, keep blonde coloured hair out of the water where possible or protected under a swimming cap.

Chapter 8: Love your Hairdresser

Visit your hairdresser regularly to trim split ends, maintain your colour and discuss any potential or developing damage. Keeping the lines of communication open allows your hair to look consistently neat and healthy.

For more information, click here to view our blonde colour menu.


Unley Gourmet Gala 2013


We had an amazing time styling hair for the 2013 Unley Gourmet Gala fashion parades! King William Road was so packed it was hard to move and our Creative Team loved being a part of the festivities.  Celebrating the Tour Down Under, the Gala showcased the best food, fashion and entertainment that the Unley area has to offer.

Healthy Hair starts with your Diet

It’s true that using quality hair care products and styling tools aid in nourishing beautiful, healthy hair – however it is also crucial to foster a healthy base, independent of external haircare. Nourishing your body is an easy way to maintain gorgeous, healthy and manageable hair.


Eating a diet rich in protein is beneficial for shiny, healthy hair, as more than 90% of your hair is protein. Lean meats, eggs and salmon are great sources of protein – however incorporating plant-based proteins into your diet is just as important. Legumes and beans promote hair growth, as well as beneficially providing vitamin B, iron and zinc. Nuts and seeds are also great protein sources, as well as having other benefits. Brazil nuts are said to be the highest dietary source of selenium, which promotes scalp health. Almonds and walnuts contain zinc, which fight hair loss.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, fighting free radicals which can damage healthy hair and lead to thin, weak strands. Vitamin C protects against hair loss and brittle ends, and has also been said to slow premature greying. Up your intake of blueberries, cherries, papaya, dark green leafy vegetables, melons and pineapple for a vitamin C boost! Fresh herbs are also high in vitamin C. One cup of fresh parsley contains over 130 mg of Vitamin C.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A also fights free radicals and contains antioxidants which strengthen hair and add back moisture. Spices such as paprika and red pepper contain high quantities of vitamin A, as do sweet potatoes and carrots. Dark green leafy vegetables, such as chard, spinach and broccoli are great sources of Vitamin A. Add spinach to your morning fruit smoothie for a vitamin boost – you won’t even notice it’s there! Other sources of vitamin A include dried apricots, rockmelon, peaches and mangoes. As well as promoting hair health, vitamin A is also beneficial for a strong immune system and protection from infection.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is not just for skincare. This vitamin minimizes split ends and softens frizzy hair, aiding blood circulation. Vitamin E has also been said to aid in prevention of heart disease. To increase your intake, snack on raw almonds, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds. Avocado and olive oil are also fantastic sources of Vitamin E and make a delicious addition to any salad.


Calcium promotes cell growth and maintenance and aids in the body’s production of essential hormones and enzymes. Biotin is an example of an enzyme which strengthens hair and promotes its growth. Low calcium levels can also trigger hair loss, where the body lacks proper nutrition. Dairy products are great sources of calcium, as are plant-based foods such as broccoli, apricots, sesame seeds and spinach. Vitamin D aids the body’s calcium absorption and is therefore an essential vitamin for maintaining healthy hair. Vitamin D is naturally created by the body when exposed to sunlight, however high quantities are also found in fish, eggs and mushrooms.

Treat your Hair

We believe it’s important to treat ourselves as much as possible. Fortunately, doing so can be beneficial to your hair! For a nourishing treat, try chocolate coated strawberries. Dark chocolate has a high antioxidant content, which promotes hair growth and health. Strawberries contain high amounts of folate, a B vitamin contributing to strong hair and are also a great source of vitamin C.

Hair Health

From there, looking after your hair requires upkeep. We recommend using haircare products free of parabens and sulfates (such as the Kevin.Murphy range) which can leave hair dull and damaged, using protectant products before heat styling and having regular haircuts, to minimize split ends and damage.

– Yots Hair, hairdressers Adelaide