Variety on King William 2014

Our Creative Team recently styled hair for the Variety on King William Road runway, which kicked off the 2014 Adelaide Fashion Festival. We opted for a low ponytail, inspired by the Spring 2015 Jason Wu show, with some extra volume. The runway showcased the best fashion King William Road has to offer, complemented by an incredible gourmet lunch and buzzing atmosphere.

We’re on Cloud Nine

Using the right tools can make or break your hair – which is why our Creative Team are excited to introduce the Cloud Nine irons to Yots Hair. Created by the original founder of GHD, Cloud Nine irons make it incredibly easy to straighten, curl and style your hair on the daily.

The mineral-infused ceramic plates operate at a hair-friendly temperature to minimise damage and are incredibly smooth, gliding through your hair without dragging. The irons utilise an easy-to-use one-touch temperature control system, meaning that you can choose a setting to suit your hair. The heat levels adjust as required, with Ceramic Heat technology ensuring that the temperature remains even across the surface. Plus, you can choose from different widths to suit your needs – original, micro or wide.

The irons make it so easy to style glossy, poker-straight hair, but are also an incredible tool for creating waves and curls with a sleek finish. If you’re in the market for a new straightener, we highly recommend giving them a try.

Our Favourite Winter Trends

9c720847b034c86959cac8734fe16c46Bronde Colour. As the name suggests, this hot shade walks the line between blonde and a light brown. The shade is perfect for blondes wanting to go darker for the colder months without making a drastic change. Bronde tones add depth and illumination to hair, for an effortless finish. Cara Delevingne’s glowy, sun kissed hair is a perfect example.

Tropical Dreams. The cold winter weather has us dreaming of a warm vacation. We’re embracing tropical-inspired products as a quick-fix. Kevin.Murphy Shimmer.Bug, the latest shade of the famous ‘colour-without commitment’, gives hair instant shimmering bronze highlights that make it look like you’ve spent a week at the beach. Eleven Australia’s Miracle Treatment has a coconut scent reminiscent of a tropical escape and eleven hair-transforming benefits, making it a must have for any hair-care regimen. For weightless, beachy waves that would make Giselle jealous, we love Kevin.Murphy Hair Resort Spray and its honey, citrus and tangerine undertones.

Shades of Red. Creamy rose tones, soft copper and glossy auburn are our pick of red hues this season. Whether you prefer fiery-stand out shades or subtle undertones, the trick to making red work is finding a shade that suits your hair type and skin-tone.

The New Braids. Our Creative Team know that an inspired and well-placed braid can take a formal up style to the next level, which is why we’re loving the latest wave of twists and plaits. We’re loving all things textured and intricate, with waterfall and crown braids at the forefront of our inspiration.


Want Thicker and Fuller Hair?

BodyMass_photoThe release of Kevin.Murphy’s new Plumping.Line created a serious buzz in the salon this month, with the products flying off the shelves within hours of arriving. The line consists of three products – Plumping.Wash, Plumping.Rinse and Body.Mass – which promise to leave your hair looking and feeling thicker. Plumping.Wash acts as a densifying shampoo and exfoliator for  thinning hair. The sulphate and paraben free formula contains nettle extract to increase microcirculation to the scalp and encourage hair growth, ginger root extract to reduce hair loss, and rice protein and amino acids for a strengthening nutrient boost. Follow up with Plumping.Rinse, which is rich in shea butter to moisturise dry or damaged hair, biotin for cellular growth and protection, and parsley extract, which promotes healthy strong hair by increasing blood flow and circulation to the scalp. Body.Mass can be used in conjunction with the Plumping.Line, or as an addition to any Kevin.Murphy wash and rinse routine. This leave-in treatment contains eyelash thickening and lengthening technology, which leaves your hair looking instantly thicker and fuller, while improving its quality over time. It also contains oleanolic acid from lovely hemsleya root – an active ingredient with antioxidant properties to prevent the thinning and loss of hair. Just spray it through damp, or towel-dried hair after washing. Our clients and team are loving Plumping.Line so far – we’re predicting the line will be a best seller!

Tips for Growing Hair

London Model Management Adelaide HairWithout forking out for a full head of hair extensions, there is no magic trick or instant fix for hair growth. Growing out your locks naturally requires you to look after the hair you already have, and take care of yourself properly to aid further growth. Here are our stylists’ top tips for getting through the growing period:

  • Keep the overall condition of your hair as healthy as possible. Visit the salon for regular trims to eliminate split ends, asking your stylist to sacrifice as little length as possible. Regular salon appointments will also keep your hair looking neat and tidy, and give you an opportunity to talk hair health with your stylist.
  • To maintain healthy hair in between cuts, indulge your hair in salon treatments. These will add protein and moisture back to your hair to repair and prevent future damage, and are complimented by a scalp stimulating head massage. As an added bonus, treatments are a great way to factor relaxation time into your schedule and combat stress.
  • Encourage your hair to grow with stimulating head massages. Take a minute or so before you shower to gently massage your scalp in circular motions with your fingertips. The idea is to stimulate your scalp, which in turn encourages healthy hair. Complement your scalp treatment with a shampoo that actively promotes scalp health. We love Kevin.Murphy’s Maxi.Wash, a detox shampoo containing fruit acids to clean and clear your scalp.
  • When growing your hair, it’s always a good idea to review your diet and exercise regime, as your overall health plays a huge part in hair growth. Nutritional deficiencies can impede hair growth and result in weakened hair structure. Regular exercise stimulates blood circulation, which in turn can promote hair growth. Exercise is also a great way to deal with stress, which can hinder hair growth and result in hair loss. Yoga is a great way to banish tension and promote healthy circulation.
  • Talk to your doctor about incorporating supplements into your diet. Biotin and Vitamins B, C and D have been said to encourage hair growth and healthy, strong hair.
  • Be patient. By keeping your hair in good condition and fostering optimum conditions for hair growth, you can speed up the growth process – but you’re not going to gain inches overnight. Hair growth is a natural process of the body, so keep realistic and put in the work if you want to see results.

2014 Hair Trends

Our favourite part of the new year is scoping new hair trends to share with clients over the coming months. Whether you’re thinking about a total hair revamp, or a style refresher, January is the perfect time for a hair makeover – and if you’re stuck for inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

For the rest of the season, our stylists are sharing their favourite 2014 hair trends on our hair, beauty and style blog. Head on over to view the hottest haircuts, colours and styling trends for women and men in 2014.

Wedding Hair Checklist

You’ve set the date, found the venue and finally locked down the perfect dress and shoes – now all thats left are the finishing touches. Wedding hair is an integral part of a brides look and achieving picture perfect hair is a must. That’s where we step in – our expert team of stylists are well-versed in wedding styling and are happy to bend over backwards to accommodate brides. Our Creative Team have shared their top tips for brides, to take the stress out of wedding hair planning.

Plan ahead

  • Make sure that you book your appointments well in advance! Saturday is the busiest day of the week for stylists and appointments always fill up quickly.
  • Our Creative Team recommend discussing your wedding-hair regimen with your stylist at least four months in advance of the wedding. It may take that long to achieve the colour result that you’re dreaming of for the big day, or to repair pre-existing damage and restore lustre and shine to your locks.
  • Talk to your stylist about your hair type and suitable professional at-home treatments to use in-between visits, to keep your hair in top shape.

Trial Appointments 

  • Our Creative Team suggest booking at least two trial appointments with your stylist to perfect your style. These appointments should be one to two months before the wedding. Scheduling trials on the day of your rehearsal dinner or hens night is a great way to get the most out of your trial hair, and to test the longevity of your chosen style.
  • Make sure to bring several photographs of your dream hair to your trial appointment, to avoid miscommunication with your stylist. Pinterest is the perfect place to gather inspiration; we also keep an in-salon style collective for brides to view.
  • Remember to keep realistic – your hair type or condition may mean that certain styles cannot be achieved.
  • Bring any veils or hair accessories to your appointment, as your stylist will have to adjust their technique to incorporate them.

The Small Details 

  • Given that our speciality is beautiful and high-quality hairdressing, the Yots Creative Team focus on solely on the styling aspect of wedding beauty. By making your hair our number one priority, we are able to ensure that your style is absolutely perfect.
  • We are happy to accommodate your wedding party and other attending family members, to create picture-perfect styles all round! And remember, wedding styling isn’t just for the ladies – we love seeing the groom pre-wedding, for pre-wedding haircuts, advice and styling.
  • Keep in touch after the wedding! It means a lot to us to hear feedback from brides and see photographs.

For more information on our wedding styling in Adelaide, click here.

New Year’s Eve

Now that we’ve reached the end of the Christmas frenzy, it’s time to turn our minds to the year’s final celebration – New Year’s Eve. After you’ve made your plans, and bought your dress, shoes and jewellery, all that’s left to worry about is how you’re going to wear your hair. Whether you want loose curls, pin-straight lengths or an intricate up style, the perfect New Year’s hair style will complement your overall look, and add a finishing touch for the ultimate confidence boost. Our stylists know that perfect hair is essential for a great night.

Need inspiration? This year, the Yots Creative Team is loving the sleek ponytail – a playful and polished up-style that works for any occasion. If you’re feeling a little more glamorous, old hollywood waves will inject a hit of sexiness into any look. Cascading waves complement softer, romantic looks – think Veronica Lake or Blake Lively (our modern inspiration). For bold statement hair, bring some accessories to your appointment for us to incorporate into your style, like headbands, flower crowns or chains  (just remember to give your stylist some notice beforehand!). If you’re still stuck for ideas, you can’t go wrong with a bouncy blow-dry, à la a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Our December 31st appointments are close to being entirely booked, and time is running out to secure a booking  for a blow-dry or style. Click here to make an appointment, or shoot us an email at with any questions.

Hair Care Secrets from our Stylists


There are a million-and-one hair care tips floating around on the internet. To help you decide which ones to implement in your daily haircare routine, our stylists have shared the tips that they live by.

Stay Salon Friendly. Avoiding split ends and maintaining a neat, manageable cut requires trims every 4-6 weeks. Frequent face-to-face time with your hairdresser allows for the detection of hair and scalp damage in its early stages, and will keep your colour looking fresh. A great haircut and colour is also an instant mood booster and gives you the chance to catch up on your ‘me-time’ at the salon.

Find your Product Match. Invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type to keep your hair at its optimum health – ask your stylist if you’re not sure what is best for you. Our stylists recommend products that are sulfate or paraben free. We love Kevin.Murphy products, which are also cruelty free.

Use Quality Tools Exclusively. You may have heard that frequent heat-styling can be detrimental to hair health. Whilst this is true in some respects, the negative effects of heat-styling can be easily avoided. The key to minimising damage is to invest in good quality heat-styling tools. A good quality tool will require less surface contact with your hair to get the job done, saving you time and ensuring a better result. Our stylists love ghd straightening irons, which also boast a ceramic plates for even heat distribution. Before straightening or curling your hair, apply a heat-styling product or serum to create a protective barrier between the plates and your hair. If your hair is excessively damaged, let your hair dry naturally whenever possible, and ask your stylist about a deep-conditioning and restoration regimen

Live Healthy. Your hair health is reflected in the way you treat your body. Smoking, extra stress and eating junk food can leave hair prone to breakage and dull its natural shine. High stress levels can cause hair loss, so undertaking activities like yoga and meditation are beneficial as prevention. Ensure that you are getting plenty of iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C and protein. Given that your hair is made of protein, eating enough of this macronutrient promotes beautiful hair.

Tips for the Best Men’s Haircut

Mens Hair Adelaide

Gone are the days when men pretended not to care about their hair. A large percentage of our clients at Yots Hair are males, who treat their haircut as a signature. Our stylists know that a great haircut adds a finishing, polished touch to any look, and have shared their top five tips for guys who love their hair.


Knowing what you want, and communicating it properly to your hairdresser is a vital step. Whether you are meeting your stylist for the first time, or you’ve decided that it’s time for a change, a picture is definitely worth 1000 words. Your stylist is not a psychic – avoid miscommunication by ripping a photo out of a magazine, or screen-shotting a picture on your smartphone. Providing a visual example of the look you want will help to ensure that you are happy with the final result.


Sometimes, the haircut that you want and the haircut that can be achieved are two very different things! You might have your heart set on one look – but ultimately your hair type, condition and face shape may dictate an entirely different result. Ask your stylist for their opinion before getting started, and take on board their response.


A great haircut is a personal statement – it should suit your personality and compliment your lifestyle and overall aesthetic. Whether you prefer a quiff or a buzz-cut, remember that your haircut speaks volumes about you as an individual. If you’re a conservative type, stick to a classic style. If you see yourself as more of a trendsetter, ask your stylist about the latest runway trends. Your haircut is one of the first things people notice about you, so think about what you’re trying to say before stepping into the salon!


If necessary, remember to communicate to your stylist how you like to style your sideburns or facial hair. These may seem like small details, but they add the finishing touches to your look.


To make sure your hair looks fantastic in between salon visits, have a chat to your stylist about styling tips, and product recommendations. Using the right shampoo or styling product can drastically change the way your hair looks and keep your cut looking neat. If you’re dedicated to your haircut, embrace brushes, blowdryers, and even hot tools – chances are, your stylist would love to show you how to use them.