Blonde Colour Trends for 2017

You don’t need to know much about hairdressing to know that our team is absolutely crazy about blonde colour. One of our favourite things about the shade is its versatility. Are you a buttery blonde, or do you prefer icy platinum? Do you love a warm sun-kissed balayage, or are you more of an ashy type? This versatility allows our team to get creative, and to find the perfect blonde hue for each and every client.

So what are the blonde trends for summer 2016/17? First, there’s beige blonde. If you’re tired of platinum, and want to transition to something warmer for summer, this tone is perfect for you. It’s still light and fresh, but with a soft flesh-toned tinge complimented by gold, shimmering tones. Beige blonde works well with tanned skin, making it a summer favourite. If you’re keen to go even warmer, there’s dusty rose. Technically, this isn’t a true blonde – think beige blonde with a muted pink edge.

If warm tones aren’t for you, you’ll love our current favourite trend, champagne blonde. This is a natural, light blonde colour with a cool tinge. Champagne blonde works well with lighter complexions, making it perfect for ladies who just don’t tan – but it also looks incredible with darker skin tones. Finally, we’re happy to announce that bronde, last summer’s hottest shade isn’t going anywhere. As the name suggests, bronde falls somewhere between brunette and a true blonde. Caramel highlights are blended with a rich, deep brown base, to warm and soften your skin-tone and frame the face.

For all blonde colours, upkeep is key. Keep your new colour looking fresh with a purple toned shampoo and conditioner combo, likeKevin.Murphy Blonde.Angel. Weekly deep conditioning treatments will stop your hair from drying out in the summer sun.

If you’re wondering what blonde tone will suit your hair, shoot us an email to contact one of our colour specialists.