How to Get the Perfect Colour

Most women know that the perfect hair colour is the ultimate accessory – one that can boost your confidence and add a signature touch to your look. If you’re still dreaming of the perfect colour, consider these tips before booking your next appointment. The best colour you’ve ever had might be closer than you think!

  • Get smart with your inspiration. Pinterest and Instagram make it easy to find photos of your dream colour to show your colourist during consultation. However it’s easy to forget that pictures won’t always translate to real-life results. If you’re as pale as Anne Hathaway, Kim Kardashian’s colour probably won’t suit you (and might not even be achievable!). Look to colours worn by people with a similar skin tone and eye colour to you, and pick one that will complement your features.
  • Sleep on it. Whether you’re considering highlights, or a total brunette-to-blonde transformation, never make rash decisions when it comes to a colour change. Ask yourself whether the colour will suit you aesthetically and whether it will suit your lifestyle – for example, keen swimmers need to consider how pool water can affect blonde hair.
  • Don’t take shortcuts. Sometimes, the perfect colour cannot be achieved in one appointment. It may be necessary to work towards your dream colour over the span of several appointments to reach the optimum shade and avoid damage. This is often the case with colour correction, or major colour changes.
  • Listen to your hairdresser. Colour is an art that your colourist works with every day. Even if your heart is set on a particular result, trust your colourists’ expertise and experience if they tell you that it cannot be achieved – colourists are extensively trained, and deal with a bevy of clients every day, each with different hair types. Remember that the undertones of your hair influence the final result – some hair will always slightly throw red, no matter how much you try and fight it. Achieving the best colour is all about finding what complements and works for each individual client – it’s our goal to work with you to find it.
  • Be honest. If you’re a new client, make sure to tell your colourist whether your hair has been coloured before and to what extent, regardless of whether the colour was done in-salon or applied by you at home. Colouring hair is a science, and a precise one at that. Residue from a previous colour can seriously affect the results of a fresh colour, so speak up to avoid a potential disaster.
  • Never compromise on quality. Ensure that your colourist is using high-quality professional colour product – the final result will reflect the quality of the product used.
  • Nourish. Consider booking in for an in-salon conditioning treatment to nourish processed hair, particularly if you are lightening your colour. As the colour is chemically changing the hue of your hair pigment, some degree of damage is inevitable. Make sure to commit to a hair care regime, and keep hair health a strong priority.