Picking your Perfect Hairdresser

We’re lucky to have an incredibly talented team of stylists and colourists working at Yots Hair, who bring a diverse range of skills and experience to the table. Plus, they’re a lovely, friendly bunch. Check out our team profiles to find out more. If you’re a new client and unsure who to see, feel free to contact us and ask for a recommendation. Tell us what you want done with your hair, your hair type, and any concerns you might have. We’re always happy to help set you up with your perfect match.

Double up

Although each of our hairdressers are highly trained in all aspects of hairdressing, we encourage our stylists to develop specialised skills in areas that they are passionate about. As a result, each member of the Yots Team has an area of expertise. Some of our stylists are master cutters, adept at dealing with difficult hair. Some are colour experts – we extensively train blonde colour specialists with immeasurable colour knowledge, specialist ombre and balayage colourists and colour correction experts. Other team members are incredibly skilled at up-dos and styling, having honed their skills working backstage at Fashion Week. For this reason, a large percentage of our clients see one of our team members for their haircut and another team member for their colour. It’s all about maximising your service so that you look and feel fantastic when you leave the salon.

Consult and Communicate

Each appointment at Yots Hair is preceded by a complimentary consultation. We want our clients to be satisfied when they leave the salon and meeting your hairdresser is a great way to determine whether you’re both on the same page before beginning. Client-stylist communication is crucial and we encourage an open dialogue about your needs and expectations before commencing your service. And remember, good communication should continue until the end of the appointment. A true professional will address any concerns that you express during or after the appointment – your satisfaction as a client is paramount.

And if you don’t click? 

Don’t be afraid to move within the salon – we promise that your stylist won’t be offended! Making a move to another hairdresser within the salon is far more common than you might think. If you and your stylist just don’t click, our reception team is always happy to recommend another stylist to look after you and your hair. And keep an eye out during your appointment – the technique of another hairdresser in the salon or the results achieved on another client might catch your eye.

If you’re keen for a recommendation…

Shoot us an email at mail@yotshair.com.au and let us know what you’re looking for!